A webmaster site experience

do stand fast for a year, and I’m ashamed to say is a rookie, after watching a lot of experience, gradually understand, do not stand so that most probably it did not actually happen for a long time do not know, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, now is not too late. After reading what I wrote, you can despise me with all your heart, I have nothing to say.

20076 months near the university graduation, I have been in an indoor door manufacturers do half a year’s business, for Jiezhuang market also have a certain understanding. Because I’m studying advertising, I know little about the Internet. I just realize that the Internet is a medium, and I don’t know anything about it. Why choose to do in the decoration industry website, just because Jiezhuang industry itself belongs to a low degree of concern in the industry, businesses in advertising, compared to the mass media, advertising efficiency and higher cost of industry website. And the local decoration industry website is also a blank. Not to think too much, just by virtue of the solitary momentum, the young man decided to resign, will promote their network this piece of a vast expanse of water, in nature’s garb.

started a week, everywhere on the Internet browsing function setting plate and other major renovation site, summarizes some think target customers are more concerned about the content, set up several sections of the style, people began to find the site, I even do not know what is ASP PHP for network technology, database and server what kind of connection, a month’s time and technology to do repeated communication, trying to make the website achieve the effect I want, (later know site program is very unreasonable, and Its loopholes appeared one after another. ) never thought about how important it is for a web site, just naive to think that can rely on some marketing tricks can meet their expectations, this is the beginning of my mistake.

After the website began to build the

framework, filled with information, hired several students, non-stop online collection of some industry information website, which included a starting plate for the local market building brand, which includes brand pictures of products, prices, dealers address, telephone and so on, almost all of the plate product pictures are all businesses we go to the store with a digital camera, and the business during the communication there are a lot of problems, but we have overcome, a hot summer, we run around.

After the

website contents, they began to think of ways to promote our website, the first time to an event is an auction, a lot of business contact, let them come up with their own products to engage in online auction activities, because investment funds are limited in the publicity, we only print one page in front of building materials on the market, and then in various local forums, from the planning to the end of a month, the site click rate has increased, but not to stay, at the end of the event but also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. When we are just thinking that the activity itself is problematic, we are also busy preparing for the next event.

‘s second event is a >