How to create personalized and user-friendly 404 pages for WordPress

as a webmaster, I make mistakes, you make mistakes, and we all make mistakes. Some errors can be solved by a 404 error page. In general, this page will have the following prompt: "404 error: sorry, the file / page you are looking for does not exist."." This kind of page doesn’t help increase the user experience, so how do you design a more friendly 404 page


404 page is not just for web users to point out the problem, but you also need to provide them with a viable solution.

in the default theme Kubrick of WordPress, the 404 page is simple and ugly, and I’m sure you won’t be so good. This article will teach you to make an excellent 404 page.

in fact, a good 404 page design is not complicated, the purpose is to help web users find the information they want, and continue to browse your website. Let’s get started,


, suppose you’re a visitor to the site.

, suppose you are a user of your web site, and you have reached the 404 page. It must be because you want to find something else, otherwise it won’t be possible to come here. So, there are a few things you can never do:

first thought that people might be the 404 wrong page to click on a link somewhere on the web. If that’s the case, who’s responsible for that? They? No, it’s you – station chief.

second keeps 404 page design styles aligned with other pages on the site. Some webmaster like ingenuity, without considering the user’s ability to accept. For example, a webmaster has designed the page as a common windows blue screen, but the results are not very good. People are fleeing from his website.

third, if you’re going to make a joke, like the blue screen design mentioned above, it’s best to make sure everyone accepts it.

let’s design a perfect 404 error page,

Ok, since you know what not to do, you also need to know that users go to your website and want to find some specific content, usually they follow a link to come here. Now, as the webmaster, you need to provide various ways to help them achieve their goals.

, let’s look at some of the very nice 404 instance pages:


in the top 404 pages, conversion rate experts website design is my favorite, and it also inspired my inspiration.

provides 4 options to help users:

1, re search for

2 to check for link spelling errors.