Do some experience in picture station promotion

I just ran the picture station for 07 years. I didn’t know what to do. It was also out of interest. QQ friends told me, do picture station, money fast, and easy to flow up, I think also, buy corn and space, the name: Entertainment map abstract network, was also because of funding constraints, the space is 1g, flat-share only 158 yuan, the cheap, then in a program, your whole, how to upload what, then links with others. At the beginning, because I was the first to do, what also do not understand, it was the site of more than 300 traffic, I have felt very satisfied, after 2 months, the flow did not change much, think of yourself every day to get up early in the morning, the entire site, late in the evening, my distress.

is then appeared "interactive website alliance, I heard one day can bring thousands of IP, when many of the league, you will find a good reputation, their attitude to try for a Union until the second day, a look scared me jump, flow more than 8000 today, the alliance will give me generation 5 thousand and 600 IP, really did not find the alliance can take so much, go to their search for other alliances, all with, did not expect such a few days traffic reached more than 1w5, I do find connection of a lot of people at the time of excitement.

friend told me that the flow is so large, why not advertising, I think about, so to find a advertisers registration, hung up the pop-up, did not expect a day to earn 40 yuan, 10 days to pay at the accounts of the 400 yuan of money, they cry, feel that their pay is not in vain, but good times don’t last long the second day, open the site found a lot of pop, wonder: their hang a pop? Then know the website is linked to the horse, FTP, was more than 2 files. See, what is the ASP Trojan, or what their own small Yong studio, halo, Mongolia, the supposed, angrily, re upload procedures, before the data is lost, traffic plummeted, advertising fees, not to mention, the poor, the last to know their own procedures loopholes simply put the money and bought a set of procedures, to do.

said that, perhaps, far away from the point, in fact, I also want to let you know, do not stand as simple as you think, well, I summarize my experience.

1. corn and space, when buying corn to consider what is it that you do, and your website to corn content with easy to let your visitors remember your site address, then even if the problem of space, I bought the space is cheap, but also the beginning of May, because it is flat-share, slowly more and more slowly, so I stand ready to do advice to those friends, not just buy the corn on the line, be next to the space, not only cheaper, not expensive, but the speed and service attitude, and what problems can be worked out.

2. links problem, just start the station, not much traffic, and you do not link much, you can first find >