Chinese and foreign experts talk about entrepreneurship education should start from the basic educat

June 18th, the twenty group think tank Conference (T20), innovation, new economic and structural reform international conference held in Anji. In the afternoon, from 8 countries and regions, more than 40 experts and scholars of the interactive discussion around the hot topic of economic transformation and upgrading and innovation and entrepreneurship ", safeguard strategic aspirations, entrepreneurship and innovation of Education under the background of the new economy value reconstruction, ecological construction system and mechanism.

entrepreneurship education should start from basic education

entrepreneurship is not only for money but also for social development

"I don’t think it’s too late to start secondary education at the secondary and University levels." The UNESCO Representative Office of education project director Robert Parua dished out entrepreneurship education should dilinghua opinions. This has also been recognized by the national education planning and administrative University of India President Jandhyala B.G.Tilak.

"in the past few decades, many changes have taken place in the economy, and the service economy has been transformed into a knowledge-based economy. Many countries have entrepreneurship education courses, and this exists only at the university level, in particular, is only a master level entrepreneurship education is too late, I think to advance to the level of secondary education." Jandhyala B.G.Tilak said.

he believes that many people are afraid of the concept of entrepreneurship education needs to be reversed. "A lot of people think that entrepreneurship education is for the purpose of making money, in fact, entrepreneurship education is not just for the money, not just to make a profit, but to the development of the society, to the transformation of economy, can make all aspects of social benefit."

praise the benign cycle of Ali and Zhejiang

suggested that entrepreneurs into the classroom

good entrepreneurial education is bound to need a good entrepreneurial atmosphere and environment. Guests from all over the world to discuss how to build a knowledge-based, friendly entrepreneurial education ecosystem.

"in a successful entrepreneurial education ecosystem, the university plays a very important role. For example, the Silicon Valley in the United States, the United Kingdom, Cambridge Industrial Park, are relying on high-quality education and the formation of the university." UNESCO director of entrepreneurship and cross culture management chair, Professor of German Wuppertal University Christine Volkmann said.

in providing quality education at the same time, Christine Volkmann believes that in the ecological system, also need to upgrade to build infrastructure, such as the incubator, it will gather more talents for innovation and entrepreneurship.

such as the headquarters of a Alibaba in Hangzhou, as the local Zhejiang University for Alibaba to provide the talent, and talent agglomeration and nurturing entrepreneurship education in Zhejiang University, forming a virtuous circle, we can learn from." Chris>