The novice to learn how to in Wangzhuan Forum


9azz is a blog network web site to make money, so I often concern Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site, search on Baidu, but one is not the majority of the forum, the rest is Wangzhuan forum, to be honest and good Wangzhuan forum now atrazine is uneven, the real forum, I still suggest you go to see the Wangzhuan home, where can learn the real knowledge! Is there is reasonable from the point of view, there is also a forum, the meaning of its existence, at least it can provide us some place to learn, whether there can help us learn


is the first forum, screen advertising, advertising may be asked what to learn? We all know who sustained investment advertising for a project, the project basically can be profitable, we have to do is to open these ads a to analyze, why they will be advertising investment in the project, exactly how to operate before they can be profitable, we carefully observe, multi analysis can come out! I will give you an analysis which later, after I try every day to give you an analysis of a project, I hope everyone can learn analysis of


although this article is discussed is the learning method on the forum, in fact, you can put this idea to extend it, advertising where there is a project, and some local advertising is more good, such as the need to price competition to Google Advertising! A lot, you can go to find some forum the website, one by one to click on ads so you can get a lot of Wangzhuan project, you can also go to imitate them, in general there is no threshold, of course you have to learn some early investment, only to invest can have a big harvest!

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