Mark commission payment instructions

content webmaster friends,

how do you do? Commission on payment is as follows:

1 commission payment process

application Commission: Saturday, Sunday, Monday

commission payment: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

settlement: Friday (such as chief information is incomplete, inaccurate, incomplete procedures or other problems that lead to the settlement did not proceed, please timely appeal on Friday, and our customer service contact us as soon as possible after treatment in order to ensure you can successfully apply the payment again on Saturday. Not extended to the weekly settlement settlement costs.


2 we will be based on the results of the advertisers to provide performance and commission payment cycle.

3 Commission for the first time please provide the following information:

personal website: bank information, ID card (copy or original copy);

enterprise website: business license copy, invoice, company account.

note: second and later settlement, do not need to provide the above information.

4 Commission settlement shall be paid in accordance with the form of personal income tax, according to the relevant provisions of the personal website please provide ID card, enterprise website, please provide business license and invoice.

thank you for your support and cooperation!

commission to pay customer contact information:

contact: Anne

please send the certificate to: [email protected] or fax to: 86-10 58678693

wish media members: happy new year, commission "mouse" not finished!

if you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you!

consulting customer service phone: (86-10) 58678687-806

QQ:870317522 (Anne)

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