Remember do Wangzhuan owners investment benefits and risks

this method is as the name suggests is to promote the product of another alliance through an advertising alliance, the use of the difference between the union profit. I remember when the SP business in full swing when a lot of people rely on this method earned pours. At that time, the success of a customized SP business basic compensation of 7 yuan, so someone will buy the flow through the exchange chain, and then lead to the flow of customized pages. If the control is good, 1000IP can produce 10 custom. At that time, the average price of 30 yuan to buy these IP, so that they can profit of $40. But as more and more people use the software brush flow, the quality of the exchange chain is getting worse, so many people began to start the bidding. At that time the most crazy is that someone has developed a program on Google Witkey, then crazy ads really earn a lot.

later with the relevant departments to rectify the SP industry, such alliances are less and less, although it is impossible to reproduce the once hot scene, but Google bidding mode has let a lot of people to open up the train of thought. Shortly after, AdWords launched a new user with advertising activities, some people began buying such accounts and their account acquisition does not aim to promote their products, but with Google Taobao advertising customers. Due to some of the goods of Taobao passenger Commission is very high, so as long as the advertising set up good, a few transactions will be able to earn the cost of return. Of course, through this method can also do some other high priced advertising alliance.


is now a lot of people are talking about the directional flow of the most valuable, but no matter what traffic no amount of accumulation is very difficult chengdaqi. So some friends began to buy more cost-effective flow, it is pop. The Internet knows now small websites have pop-up ads, and these ads are a lot of online games. Through the purchase of pop profit model is very simple, first choose a higher price of CPA game advertising, then put into the promotion link window union. According to the 1000IP cost of 10 yuan count, each valid registration incentives of $1, so long as the registration rate to be maintained at 1/10 times earnings of $ten.

went so many examples I believe many of my friends have had the intention to invest enthusiasm. But the investment do Wangzhuan one of the biggest drawbacks is the high risk, if you do not know how to maximize the risk averse, is likely to come home shorn. I had to buy the exchange chain of traffic, although spent a lot of money, but did not earn a point. In this world there is no free lunch forever, do Wangzhuan investment is the same, there is the risk of interest. Only learn more, think more, understand the risk to a minimum, the benefits will be greater.

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