The Olympic torch chasing hawkers selling t-shirts for two months to earn 100 thousand

Zhang they usually arrive in the city to carry the torch in advance, the use of GPS for several hours in advance to occupy a favorable terrain, while selling side to listen to the webcast site Master heard dynamic, where many people drove to where to sell. I always get the goods ten thousand yuan from Shahe clothing wholesale market, the cost of each adult is six or seven yuan, four or five yuan a child, from 10 million to 40 yuan a piece is sold. A province to sell a car, remove the artificial gasoline accommodation and other costs, gain several thousand yuan.

"the Olympic torch relay where I open small, pulling a cart full of Olympic commemorative T-shirts to which, from the beginning of May 11th passed the Olympic torch in Fujian, the torch relay route into the Internet, equipped with GPS navigation equipment to seize the favorable terrain, the torch is flying walk around the country, I open the small is the way to go after a transfer, the torch I began to sell T-shirts, has followed the torch to the country’s 12 provinces, more than and 40 city run, selling t-shirts earned nearly 100 thousand yuan." In the night before, Zhang anxious to go to Shanxi to continue his "Olympic" before the trip, the reporter interviewed the "most cattle hawker Olympic games". In the interview, Zhang unwilling to start anyway, "you don’t write me, or let the inspectors to catch up is bad!"

Internet research delivery route

provincial torch Zhang has a detailed circuit diagram, the specific time standard crystal clear

the day before yesterday at 11 pm, reporters in Binjiang Road, a residential building, not easy to "catch" a Zhang, Zhang was wearing a T-shirt to commemorate the Olympic Games, are pulling the goods for a customer.

"I mainly sell T-shirts, I wear this is one of them, in addition to a few T-shirts, I do not have a car, or give you a look at." Dispel concerns after Zhang is actually a very straightforward person.

"the torch in Guangzhou, I watched the Olympic flag, the Olympic flag T-shirt, what is good to sell, then follow from the Guangzhou Shahe clothing wholesale market with a product that each T-shirt wholesale price of six or seven yuan, four or five yuan of adults, children’s day, business is very good. I have this intention, follow the torch relay route, the way to sell it, just have a small, idle is idle." Zhang said that the next to a car, a car is no new car.

said, but Zhang still very sensible. Determined after Zhang the first thing to do is nothing but to go to Internet cafes. "I can’t run around! Must first understand the route of the torch is like, I go online to the torch relay route and timetable are clear, so after the bottom of my heart." Zhang said, take out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed a reporter.


reporter could not help but admire Zhang ", this is a bold and crafty" with the torch relay route map, each province which has several city torch, what is the specific time, are marked to crystal clear.

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