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2014 under the age of 30 entrepreneurial upstart






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2013 is Chinese Internet "Uncle" a year: Guo Quji, Yao Jinbo, Zhuang Chenchao, Zhang Wei, Yu Qiang, Li Xiang, Deng et al finally looked at his company completed the "adult ceremony", and they will continue into the cause of the "man" — used to see Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Zhou Hongyi Lei Jun, and other chiefs backstage performances, there must be a new face scraper out


"the Old Testament" said: a generation, a generation of people go, the sun also rises. In China’s Internet, this sentence should be changed to: a generation, a generation does not go, the sun also rises. Chiefs or those chiefs, upstart emerging stock and incremental racing together bridle to bridle.

from the beginning of 2011, "entrepreneur" magazine officially launched the "30 years old of the following upstart entrepreneurs in this list, it is the earliest China attention under the age of 30 business groups list, is the eastern hemisphere’s most authoritative for the new generation of social forces of the annual inventory. Many year finalists of the young entrepreneurs from business transformation (of course, the Internet accounted for relatively large), both famous angel, the first VC recommendation, recommendation is bold, but more of a green hand, from our reporter, mining in the past year and reported.

In fact,

every year to do this list, there are people who ask us, "under the age of 30 upstart entrepreneurs in the end you where? Money? Users? Fame? There are more friends bluntly: in the bayonet China commercial arena, this is not what you


can not be denied, in the past 3 years in the list, there was one of the first "entrepreneur" reports of star entrepreneurs almost every year. For example, the United States and the United States and the United states. He is the first year of 30 under the age of upstart entrepreneurs on the cover, after a month in the magazine market, investors will be invited to IDG and get the investment, but before this, the investment community almost nobody knows to force the United States and Shu Yi; and one from Shanghai finalists – Zhang Yuangang Ze Yang technology the reports about his new show, our reporter received a call from Sequoia Capital Partners, hope to meet Zhang Yuangang. But at that time has not lack of money, Zhang Yuangang refused to invest in each other’s intentions (until today, Ze Yang science and technology have not attracted external investment, it is said that they are about to hit the gem!)

as the media, we always believe that is always shining gold, gold is not you every day to give him the cover is useless! In this life and work are social media to take full control of the society, no matter what are significant or Bangsha >