Advise small and medium web site Adsense advertising or do not do as well

actually do the webmaster want to earn some money, the secretarial chowder network is no exception, after making friends, according to the results of adding billing advertising, tested more than two months, we will experience up to the webmaster, and study decision:

, join is not difficult to make money is not easy. First come first, that went to the Golden Avenue, leaned over the body, that everywhere is gold, but from May to now, the weight of more than 3 thousand IP, only 20 yuan (pay promotion income is one hundred yuan, I can’t get this twenty yuan), according to the results of visible, not imagine that money, for small and medium-sized website, money is the castles in the air.

two, the application is not easy to make money advertising, advertising sales jargon. According to the results of the billing advertising alliance inside promotion advertising is not fully open, advertising for the requirements of the site, like my secretarial chowder network applied to eighty-six percent ad, it is relatively high, but most of these ads are not earning money sales advertising, is only the customer clicks on the website and buy the site what to give the Commission, there is a mysterious black box, just a one-way transparent, I cannot know whether users bought something. In addition, it is difficult to compare the registration of advertising to make money.

three, code source complex. Like Baidu, GG referral code does not have the virus, but other advertisers code is questionable. This station since joining some achievements by billing advertising, advertising code after the launch, the site often strike after every two or three days, the technical staff let me give up advertising, at present, the station has to give up advertising promotion, thankfully, the station has no virus trouble (it is estimated that some advertisers put Trojan).

four, advertising drag speed. As we all know, put an ad on the speed of access to natural influence, if you can make some money worth mentioning, but too little money, slow speed, I think, who would like to put it in advertising?

five, put advertising on Baidu, GG included. This is crucial for small webmaster, traffic would have little need to Baidu Google and Baidu included increased traffic, GG has recommended advertising plan, and Baidu boss rush to eat, against the boss of Baidu, I think, a good day you stand out, so that the effect of alliance is greedy do billing cheap to pick up sesame lost watermelon.