Two years failed to touch Zhou Botong two sailing experience


two years failed to touch the product experience

Zhou Botong CEO Feng Tao want to enter the online recruitment, is derived from a few years ago to do a recruitment team on the watercress, after two years of accumulation, the recruitment of Enterprises above the recruitment of more than 10.

Feng Tao realized that although the traditional top three recruitment sites accounted for nearly 60% of the recruitment market, but since so many companies are still recruiting watercress community, apparently there are still some market demand has not been met. Then, in the second half of 2011, Feng Tao with several partners on a separate portal, online recruitment website, which is the predecessor of the Zhou Botong recruitment network.

online first month, the results are very gratifying, a month to get 100 thousand registered users. But followed a series of problems gradually surfaced: user growth is very slow, the product function details do not, Linkedin social attribute of design is not the user buy it.

In addition,

also made a wrong decision on financing, although talking about a lot of investment institutions, including a few of the Tao Tao dished out an olive branch. But the whole team felt that the amount of financing is too small, you can also find the next investment institutions to give a higher valuation. Finally, Feng Tao missed the best timing of financing, leading to the company gradually into an embarrassing predicament, the partnership has gradually become interested.

Feng Tao reorganized the team as a warning for the future, at the end of 2013, the original partner in only one person chose to stay.

this time, Feng Tao will be the location of the adjustment: focus on improving, narrowing the mouth, do more market segments – only Internet recruitment, especially the mobile Internet market.

also made a lot of subtraction on the product, before the product has a strong social attributes, similar to the Linkedin function. Recruitment tools and social integration to do well, as far as possible to cut off, to ensure that each function to do something else. For example, the investment resume, post and other details of the function, are doing the user experience to achieve the next step." Feng Tao said, suddenly felt a solid product to do the secret.

products after the revision of the effect is significant, in less than 6 months, the number of registered enterprises in more than 6 thousand Zhou Botong, these companies have released more than thirty thousand job opportunities. Users resume more than 700 thousand people, the actual registered users have more than about 400000.

and this time, Feng Tao also grabbed the favor of the capital, from the new version of the line to get NetEase capital A round of financing in less than six months.


on the A round of financing fund Feng Tao said that part of the funds will be used for product development, to enhance the user experience; the other will use a lot of resources, launched a series of recruitment support programs to help resolve outstanding start-ups founded recruitment problems early.