Uber founder from failure to success

IT Sohu news Beijing on August 1st news, "business week" recently interviewed the car taxi service Uber founder and CEO kalanike (Travis Kalanick), although he is different from the average Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, not the T-shirt and jeans, a formal suit but a suit, but the atypical entrepreneurs. It is likely to lead the soul of the next wave of technological innovation.

Uber taxi is very simple, just a special App program to open on the mobile phone, you can see the empty car on the map, then click the button called the car, the screen will immediately show the driver photos, names and contact telephone. When the black car arrived, due to the credit card data has already landed on the App, so the user does not need to pay cash to get off, just as convenient to take a private car.

, however, want to let consumers with innovative ways like a gentleman, ladies, behind it must endure from the competent authorities of the local taxi industry regulation and threat, which is recommended by other founder CEO kalanike reasons. "I know the background of the people, I know that the lawsuit is as familiar to me as home." He said.

venture had bankruptcy

37 year old kalanike was born in Losangeles, the sixth grade primary school will write a program, is a typical Silicon Valley. In 1998, when he was a senior, from the Department of computer engineering, University of California at Los Angeles dropped out, and students co founded the Scour website, allowing users to exchange music, movies. It is conceivable that, with the United States and other music exchange sites like Napster, he founded the first company was more than and 30 large movies, music companies infringement allegations, claiming damages of $250 billion. Finally, he and his classmates were forced to sell the company to pay compensation and bankruptcy.

close the Scour site of frustration, failed to defeat the kalanike. Played tough lawsuit, most from the work to be conservative, but the kalanike different, he instead become more powerful. "I belong to the minority group," he said, after this lesson but let him believe that new ventures will subvert the rules of inertia, legally defensible, without yielding.

31 years old into a multimillionaire

2001 he continued to cooperate with friends, creating RedSwoosh, using similar techniques to reduce network traffic load for content providers. During this period, he had not afford to pay, to pay the house several times until the company gradually picked up penniless. In 2007, krainik to $17 million sale of RedSwoosh, at the age of 31 when he became a millionaire.

Uber is with his two friends in the United States in 2010 San Francisco launched the service, they signed a contract with the car rental company, with iPhone as the charging device for high jump table, car rental can provide taxi service in spare time. Uber>