Wangzhuan course of a female college students

I am a student, learning is very professional geological waste, the one destined to fail to find work, so there is no Study hard, often go to the Internet, the chance to know the survey Wangzhuan, and so on to do the investigation made money, nearly a year did not earn how much money, don’t think so.


last year’s national day contact click on ads, also received some money, but most are liars, their profit is very simple, also want to do a website, but even more do not know what is the most simple, DNS results will not be cheated, a very chat to friends made me an ad Click station, spent 160 yuan, that is 200M space, but there is no space password, I do not know, too stupid, when I know, I find him, he put me off the home site, also called me in I really want to, ~ ~ ~ very Speechless, from then on I began to learn to do their own station, because not familiar with the code, there is no talent, learning C language is garbage, it has not been made, even for a long time will also upload web learning.

Find a source

last month, the article made a stand, and have no knowledge of what is love, love the article, so I chose this site, when applying for Google advertising was rejected 17 times, the mailbox is Google mail, yesterday was finally passed, not easy. Oh, slowly insist, now suddenly to make money is not so keen, or do you love it, as a hobby to do it might be better to see, when Baidu included today has 10 articles, happy ~

to write out of order, ha ha, yes, I have a lot of website, master guide, also wish you all in the site of the road farther wide. Qq:798097013