On the survival of Taobao customer e-commerce era


Taobao’s rise to create the peak of the age of the Internet, Ma predicted the era of e-commerce is one after another to create a miracle. The concept of the network, every day millions of Internet users in the raging like a storm, the Empire network sale, hundreds of millions of money in this world import. We can not deny the great changes in the era of e-commerce brings to our life, it Chinese, trade circulation, capital circulation, the circulation of commodities, improve the employment rate, people living facilities etc.. Network is the necessity of human development and the product of human spirit and material progress.

in taobao.com derivatives, the most eye-catching to the number we are familiar with the Taobao off millions of marketing force this go forward with great strength and vigour, Taobao customer has a monthly income of tens of thousands, or even millions of. Since 2009, according to statistics, there are more than 80% Taobao deal with Taobao to Taobao customers, as can be imagined passenger market share, always seen on the network a lot of people are asking: I started Taobao off too late now? It makes me think of someone asked me a few years ago: now I Taobao late? The answer is the same, never too late. The timing of an event is important but the most important thing is the right strategy and persistence. See a lot of Taobao passenger station said now Taobao customers do, Baidu often obstruct. Some Taobao said that the competition is too fierce, the various means, I really do not know where to start. A variety of reasons, this is no excuse for success. The front to see a "Baidu" Taobao abandoned the guest A thing has its cause. said very well, why Baidu began to ban Taobao off phenomenon, the key is the Taobao guest website without their content without waking, with something of value to the customer experience. Baidu has been able to have today, is to do the majority of the screen to provide a valuable thing, there will always be something valuable market. But look at many of today’s Taobao webmaster website, repeat the use of more. Many webmaster eyes are focused on the site and optimize the rankings, ignoring the real content of the site, which is a common problem of the webmaster, but also the reasons for the site is not long. So Taobao guest website in order to survive in the raging like a storm era, the key is to the customer.

come to talk about personal Taobao customer groups, a few years ago I had a lot to do Taobao customers, then Taobao customer has just started, we are holding the water mentality, so far, some people got a firm foothold in the Taobao customer, Amoy first pot of gold, some people regret. Summed up the experience of so many people, success or failure, in fact, with their own, their own state of mind. Some people use a lot of marketing methods, but also the onset, but failed to adhere to, but some people only know to the dead end drill, mechanically with others method. Visible method and adhere to the same is indispensable. Look at the network as long as there is a place where there are people, QQ, MSN, meager, blog, website, e-mail, space as long as someone’s place is our marketing direction. As far as I am concerned, I can see the advertisement of the product edited by others, even if I know it is Amoy