Wangzhuan before three times daily, you do it

A5 yesterday to see an article, which referred to the new ideas for the development of Taobao customers under the existing conditions, this is actually not the most impressed me, why let me awake is the other day’s income to my monthly income. This guy one day can earn more than 4 thousand dollars, not only that, write expert expert, author of the article also said that in the Taobao station long, one day can earn 1W station grew up in, I just feel that 2 years of struggle in the end or a cipher. I now on this level of profitability has been very satisfied, because the process of doing a master’s in many times to give up, only Baidu has killed me, paid no return, or direct a happy return to the liberation, who can bear this. However, in the actual operation, I will often feel that if they had to do more preparation, then make a bad day now earn 4000 may be me.

: the first, whether Wangzhuan really want to plan their future


bought a space, buy a domain name, then upload it directly to build their own website, this website is all the steps, not what technical difficulty, but we can find even this uniform pace, there will still be people earn a lot of money, but some people can only choose to give up his. And that is the direct result of our planning. Because of the higher and to work, must have their own occupation planning, huntian who will not live, but we all want to take advantage of the young much harder, give yourself a solid economic foundation, and this requires us to really put Wangzhuan seriously, do their own planning.

generally, early we should according to their own strengths to pick up some small projects list, as their first Wangzhuan industry experience accumulated, the profit is not the most important thing in the process, experience is what we need to get something.

then when we accumulate some experience in the industry, the following will truly begin to consider the problem of profitability, after all, we also need to eat, also need to make a living, so the small type of task list and this is the time to let go, turn to their own expertise for the industry, you do better, you can do it the list, do optimization, you are a university art teacher, then you can open the art training sites on the Internet, in short time in the second stage, we can still look, we want to use their own advantages in the industry to specialize in one area, so as to get some opportunities.


, the last step is when everyone in the hands of mature projects, we can copy the development of the development of Taobao or take off site, if you pass a website to achieve success, then we can on the basis of their past development experience in a business, and this is our ideal height. To achieve the continuous replication, continued success.

second: whether Wangzhuan Wangzhuan to create a stable environment.