Witkey sell inspiration for real silver

two in the morning, the vast majority of people are sleeping soundly, 80 percent of Li Zhiyao is also lying in front of the computer to write a mobile phone store planning program. Originally, he was doing "Witkey" to earn extra money.

, Witkey, meaning "Witkey" is by virtue of their wisdom, knowledge and expertise on the Internet to help others to solve problems and get paid by people. Now, "Witkey" in Guangzhou quietly, they bid for the next task through the network, small pet name, to market research, program development, everything.

Witkey technical director Zhang Huilin said, Guangzhou has at least thirty thousand white-collar workers to become "Witkey", one of the best months to earn two thousand or three thousand yuan no problem.

wants to let you out of the ordinary home design? Want to hold a out of the ordinary products conference? Maybe, I am not what a good idea, but as long as willing to spend money, maybe just a few hundred dollars or even tens of dollars, online "Witkey" can help you fix.

80 Li Zhiyao is a "witkey". The process is purely coincidental. Last September, in Guangzhou, sales of home appliances industry hard for several years Li Zhiyao want to change the environment, by chance on a "Witkey", see a new mobile phone shop issued a reward scheme, want a product sales plan. Li Zhiyao said: my old line is sales planning, writing a small shop planning program is simply too easy." So, Li Zhiyao with only two nights, made a detailed plan, and in one fell swoop, net profit of 800 yuan.

now, Li Zhiyao has completed a dozen network successfully, in the industry has become a "famous Witkey", a lot of people by asking him to accept the reward. How much money, really did not count, one thousand or two thousand yuan a month should be no problem."

is mainly part-time after 80 favor

bakery Logo design 200 yuan to give birth to a child from a name of $100; electronic product planning 1000 yuan……" In Guangzhou Witkey website, this kind of price collection is perennial "sticky", and all the cash reward, as long as there is a demand can be issued a reward on the internet. A notice was released, in just a few days, there will be several dozens, even hundreds of "Witkey" bid. Finally, one of the most satisfactory answer to a selected, sell the answer "Witkey" became a glorious successful bidder, and then received his "gratuity".

Guangzhou has at least thirty thousand white-collar workers when "Witkey"." Guangzhou Witkey technical director Zhang Huilin told reporters. "Witkey" aged between 18~35 years old, the main groups of college students and white-collar job, mainly working part-time, some strong, successful rate is relatively high to students. As long as there is an instant burst of inspiration and creativity can make money. This group of Witkey is vibrant life, is the main variety of professionals, graphic designers, programmers, professional writers, they.