Warning rookie do Google AdSense account was K

      GOOGLE ADSENSE K, today is learning to ask superiors!

      I just started to learn to do the early days of the younger brother, a small station. The network information about N Wangzhuan, then think about or do GOOGLE if name, is registered and launched a GOOGLE ADSENSE account! The days that you feel full of excitement. ah, bought a lottery ticket, waiting for the winning make money! (at first thought that put an ad can earn money)

      the first few days back view log GG advertising revenue, unfortunately all is 0 when the sense of loss, not a number like lottery of 5 dollars, condolences to Kim did not get. The brain appears in this problem: ask friends to help point, so that IP can not find out, there may be income. Since then, all the power to launch, primary school, junior high school, high school, University, colleagues, all familiar with the QQ, MSN everywhere preaching, to help point of advertising, earn money to eat!"

      the results can be imagined, my brother may be under the pressure of the recent pork prices, not a good enough to eat, a listen to eat, on the point of several! This, this is not only the backyard fire, the front door of the big lion was also off the table. That uncomfortable ah, on the Internet to find a lot of about your predecessors have also been the cause of K and solutions! Still did not get a satisfactory answer! Now want to leave you, please advice!

      1 is the number of K through the appeal, it is possible to get back.

      2 if you can not come back, I would like to put the site also put GOOGLE ads, how to do a good job. Many friends say, re apply for a domain name, in the re registration number. To register a number no problem, domain name or the original that can not?

      3 said after the registration information, the recipient address ah ah what Id number can not be repeated, such as new grandpa and grandma, father, mother, wife and so on, is it necessary?

      4 in the network to listen to a few experts say, they have opened a number of GOOGLE large trumpet, everyone will do so

      please help me with my siblings who have the same time!

      finally to punch in the first line of Wangzhuan >