Entrepreneurial services industry quietly rising concern about the entrepreneurial economy

according to voice of the economy, the data show that last year, only 1.6% of Chinese graduates to start their own businesses, an important reason is that it is difficult for entrepreneurs to find funds. However, a phenomenon is changing to entrepreneurial projects, such as the company’s services are increasing, a service industry is rising around entrepreneurs. What is the current business model of entrepreneurial services?.

new music art Co., Ltd. chairman Wei Kaiyuan at the beginning of the business wrote a song called "stick". Looking back, he is not assured of emotion, entrepreneurial management team, the implementation of the staff is not ideal, also do not know how to take the next step, they communicate with other entrepreneurs most often asked, "are you most concerned about is how to get through the difficult time".

Wei Kaiyuan: because at this stage you are the most lonely, not the village before the shop, in front of a vast, in the way of the enterprise is the most lonely, this is the most difficult.

for Chinese entrepreneurs, incubator is one of the important carriers to support entrepreneurial innovation. As of the end of 2010, China has been included in the Torch Program incubator 894, in the incubation of up to more than 56 thousand and 300 enterprises. In addition to these funds to rely on government incubators, as well as innovative workshops, entrepreneurs and a number of entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial enterprises as the object of service of civil business organizations. Business mentor Lakala Network Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Sun Taoran believes that any incubator should first make money.

Sun Taoran: because you are not a charity, because you don’t charge would be unsustainable, the virtual entrepreneurship competition is also in charge of participating, or fees, or hold a stake in you, there are a variety of charges, this according to the needs of the users.

is different from the government led incubator, the civil commercial incubator can be more flexible to choose the project, to achieve the docking of capital and venture enterprises. At present the majority of business incubator with user pay model, is to provide payment services for entrepreneurs, including consulting, training camp, entrepreneurship competition, network shows, for example, in a period of entrepreneur training camp probably have to pay the cost of about 50 thousand, in addition there is investment in people and entrepreneurs to match the success of the commission.

it is worth noting that there are more and more media began to participate. However, the entrepreneur of the dark horse contest contest organizers Entrepreneur Magazine President Niu Wenwen said, the media do business incubator is also a lack of genes.

Niu Wenwen: media mode, short board team these problems still exist, the biggest challenge is that we now are the only media gene, we need to have the service of gene people, whether it is investment and financing services, we need more training or service of the people with us.

for the current variety of commercial incubators, as entrepreneurs, Wei Kaiyuan believes that some of them still unfair treatment of entrepreneurs.

Kay Kay