want to work with what kind of people

Someone once interviewed Bill. The secret of success. Bill Gates said: because there is much more to the success of the work for me.Super successful



many successful people in my life, but I don’t know, there is no way to go to work for him, and let the people I work successfully, in order

, I don’t have the strength.

, instead of seeing the world with myopia. To think for yourself a retreat in prosperity, adversity to understand the way out for themselves.

two. Learning ability. Education represents the past, learning to control the future. Know any details, all the people learn and comprehend, and

Know about

. The main thing is that learning, in fact, is learning and learning two words. Learn once, do one hundred times, in order to truly master. Learn to do,

the humble, to really learn something. The reason why the sea becomes the sea is that it is lower than all the rivers.

three. Strong action. Only actions have consequences. Action is not the same, the results are not the same. Do not know, do not know, do

four. To understand the pay. If you want to be good, you have to pay first. People over a lifetime only. No dedication, no

can start. First, let others know that you have more value than the others.

five. Strong sense of communication. There is no limit to communication, it is an attitude, not a skill. A good team, of course, has a total

the same vision, not a day can come. Need constant communication, from goal >