Don’t let you suddenly become a cornucopia of rotten grass

last year, Taobao has become a hot topic in the guest Wangzhuan, a large number of network prospectors are crazy influx of Taobao passenger force, the emergence of a variety of Taobao related website for a time on the network. And these sites have a very important feature, that is, they do not have a clear name, all in the use of long tail keywords title. The reason for doing so is very simple, the webmaster want to maximize the efforts to optimize the high conversion rate of keywords, so as to get more orders. However, in the observation of these sites, I found some hidden crisis, write down and share the discussion.

a lot of washing station which contain the words of Taobao keyword. For example, some websites written " beauty products list", "Taobao the best acne products", "Taobao is the best medicine reducing weight". These words will make search for more specific information, attract more people to visit, but you have not thought about if one day no longer support Taobao CPS ads, your site how to do? I thought about this launch related businesses in the mom, although Taobao customers have not terminated but the title phenomenon occurred during the webmaster have aroused attention. Once your account has been closed, take back his reward is small, those for SEO day and night efforts turned into a pile of garbage is a digital heart.

site does not have substance, can not allow users to visit two times. A lot of Taobao customers are using a single page to carry out, although the content of the site a lot, but all through the software generated pseudo original, and the content of the article after technical treatment, ordinary users can not see. Although this approach can deceive the search engine, get better ranking, but ignored the user experience. How can one without any practical value to the user’s Web site for a long time to develop

?The product or the

website are looking to Taobao. Different sites with no substance, such guest station is perseverance, each article is carefully conceived. But the content is all to the Taobao line, it seems that only Taobao can sell things online. The existence of this situation and I have the above analysis, as soon as you have a problem with Taobao customers, it is not a small trouble. In fact, a lot of B2C mall on the network, but also basically opened the CPS advertising model, which is a lot of products than Taobao passenger violence. So when I do stand are focus on the whole network, the highest price of the products in the store, and to serve the users of mentality to complete each original article, this can not only increase the weight, get good rankings, can live with the heart of the user, make the website more promising.

many personal webmaster are very diligent, those high conversion words after their efforts to rank some even more than the portal station, this site is our cornucopia. As long as careful care, they will bring a wealth of owners. But everything has a risk, the risk of station is in many sites rely on Taobao and Baidu to survive, "