85 months after the start to do tea sales 300 thousand like selling iPhone to sell tea


technology news October 14th noon news, Huang Taiji, Ma Jiajia, carved sirloin, West Man "Internet thinking" fried fire, so many of the original entrepreneurs words must talk about the Internet thinking and social economy, fans economy.

has such a 85 after the field of public relations marketing field of origin of the entrepreneur is particularly traditional". He made every brand’s first product black Anhua hand built Fuzhuan Tea since August 28th trial, no concept, no model, but at the end of September sales of nearly 300 thousand yuan.

he is the founder of tea every time Qin Hai, a 85 year old entrepreneur. 2007 graduated from Minzu University of China, has worked in Suning Appliance, Luxuries network, public relations marketing and PR hitaste engaged in marketing work, also is the Jingdong of Suning electricity supplier war PR company mainly planning one of the participants. With the idea of making life a little bit more, in May 2013 last year, nearly 400 thousand of the resignation of deputy general manager of public relations firm, into the field of tea business.


team currently only 3 people, but with more than a year of exploration, 3 people had arranged all aspects of product selection, quality control, design, operation, sales, customer service, delivery of services. At present, every time has entered a stable state of daily operations, and actively expand the team, hoping to introduce as soon as 2 partners.

monthly sales of 300 thousand is how to make


and many 80, 90 entrepreneurs, Qin Hai rarely talk about concept, talk mode, even taboo to talk about the Internet thinking". As a new brand, how can achieve 300 thousand of sales in a short period of time? Qin Hai said: "customers are friends to come."

Qin Hai refers to make friends is achieved through the social role of micro-blog WeChat. Through the interaction of micro-blog, WeChat, he used nearly a year’s time, when the first product in each hand built Fu brick tea has listed a total of 700 people have the purchase and use of the user. In this process, through numerous interactions, to find the tea in the use of the customer’s attention and focus on the solution, but also cultivate a large number of old customers.

in the tea fields before Qin Hai is a "layman". In order not to blindly into the line, he starts from their own good micro-blog, June 2013 registered the first tea micro-blog account @ every tea farm (because of the official micro-blog @ every tea, now renamed @ each time the tea Bo Xiao Bian), tentatively began selling tea.

"because after too long time engaged in marketing, so now I do not love what is marketing, I’ll share your feelings, to drip, tea some understanding, is a word with many chat target customers." It is this position, he found the first batch of customers from micro-blog, and will be sold to a tea party secretary in micro-blog more famous, to create their own brand of each found the first 50 planning participants. By mail