have done more than 3 years how much money earn

strictly speaking, I wasn’t a webmaster, I have been to stationmaster itself. Whenever someone asked me about my career, I said I was a webmaster, attracted a lot of friends envy. Also attracted a lot of admiration MM. In fact, do a good job.

I do stand about three years, in fact, I have done a lot of types of stations, can not insist on down. My first station is a lot of webmasters said that the animation site to do their own experience is very empty, learn nothing. Also let outsiders think the site is very simple, it is easy to make money. Many new Adsense confidence began to do stand, become dejected and despondent settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. I combine my own practical experience to share with you. If you can learn something, then we are predestined. If you can’t learn anything, then I’m sorry, or our way of thinking is too big.

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my second site is a small game should first remind everyone is to adhere to. Chairman Mao taught us: "perseverance is victory!" on the primary school when studying "persevere", Little strokes fell great oaks. principle, Dripping water wears through a stone. But a lot of people can not wait until dawn, in the dark began to give up. Of course, including me. This is my biggest regret,

secondly, we must understand a truth, insist is important, but the direction is more important. The wrong direction, coupled with the stick can only go deeper and greater errors. Since we are all personal webmaster, then you should do. Even if you have a good team, but you can not guarantee that their team can achieve their own expectations. So we should start small. Avoid tantaiqiuquan. I know a webmaster, he is a local portal. His website from news to classified information, to the forum and the film and television, and even including various types of health. But the more he worked, the more he felt empty. After a year of looking at your own web site, feel like a skeleton, only bones not flesh and blood, dead.

In addition to

, the biggest weakness of personal webmaster is not to invest. Thinking about the profit, but ignore the eternal law of business: "there is a return on investment," the sky will not fall pie, even if the fall is toxic. Baidu for burn rate can frighten to death a honest farmer. As long as you are willing to bid a day, Baidu consumer ten is child’s play! Or some people Everfount to rob to do the bidding, why? Because the correct delivery strategy even will cause great advertising investment, it can bring greater profit margins!!! No one is a fool, especially businessmen. They will not go to


the last point to remind you, we must have a legal concept, the law will be more and more perfect, do not think that a moment of adventure. Now that you can see the article here, it means that you are not old, you are young, and you are young