Entrepreneurship this year Agricultural entrepreneurship is a pit

I dark horse series before the interview with the founder of the tea every time Qin Hai, venture for a year. Over the past year, he has gone through what the wrong way? Presumably these personal experience will want to start in the agricultural entrepreneurs who will have a great reference.

the first brand products in each hand built in 8.28 days to a trial of Fuzhuan Tea.

unknowingly, the real determination to start their own work has been through a year. This year, in the end how to do? My friend asked me, I ask myself. After all, have to face their own objective, clear understanding of the situation, not clear so as not to die very miserably.

summed up in a word, the venture down this year, I think the agricultural product is a pit.

said this does not mean that I regret my choice, nor is it intended to scare into the field and I almost the same young people. Everything is my true feelings on, want to let everyone especially grassroots entrepreneurs to understand that entrepreneurship is not only a kind of feeling, a cavity blood, hard work can be as simple as the light of day. Agricultural risk, entrepreneurs need to be cautious.

a product source is very confusing

how can it be so clear, as has the springhead. Here, the canal is a nice looking product, this product is the springhead of the root.

This is exactly the

of agricultural products. No good source, things do not fly. You push in front of a few times to destroy their reputation, and then you do not want to go in this line.

I don’t know what the market will be like for other agricultural products. But I know the tea industry in terms of a random zile. My choice is to start from Anhua black tea. In Anhua tea market, the surface of prosperity, but the chaos.

1, the big brand is really selling brand, rather than tea. Anhua tea market, there are two big brand name table. They sell a lot of tea on the market is not authentic local tea, but the surrounding provinces and cities to do raw materials. But their technology may be relatively stable, you can cover up a little raw material is not authentic.

in depth after I learned that a large brand in a tea garden entrance 500 meters across the road from a banner ad – XX brand acres of tea plantation base. Because the road is not wide, both sides of the road are mostly trees and mountains, to give people the feeling is to enter the region from the tea garden is its home.

and the tea garden here is the first one of our relatives, and then go to the tea garden is not the brand. It turned out that the brand is to engage in propaganda, if there is a television station, just take a look, I really have the illusion of mu tea garden. But why can it stay there, spend money, small things. I have pictures of the evidence, but do not want to expose people short, do their own on the line.


what’s more, it’s just close