Tips about banner advertising

banner ads can be copied, can be used in video content, you can also enlarge the size. However, up to now, people still can not complete all of the above work.

last week, the developer launched the first PointRoll media site FLASH banner ads, which makes the industry be startled at. This size of 300X250 ads on the MSNBC’s home page, but also on May 24th at 6 on the evening of YAHOO and AOL network news home page.

this is actually part of the environmental protection activities of General Company, through the development of a variety of advertising activities, GM is trying to demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection, aimed at the development of environmentally friendly products. In order to celebrate the two-year campaign, held a general discussion of 1 hours in California Universal Studios, the debate between general Immelt and California governor Schwarzenegger CEO.

Internet users can see the content of the site can be viewed through banner ads, but only 7 seconds delay. On the website, users can see other people’s feedback, accompanied by audio content oriented uf. The media buying strategy behind the campaign includes selecting specific users and sending content to them repeatedly. PointRoll said the user will generally choose MSNBC, YAHOO, AOL home advertising.

PointRoll has been working with GM and its advertising agency Stinson Partners for many years, the campaign is only part of the overall publicity, including on-demand video content for a specific site. PointRoll’s product developer Christian Spinello said: our goal is to bring the user to the advertising world, to dispel the boundaries between advertising and users. Advertising is more vivid, not to distinguish between online and offline, but to establish contact with users anytime, anywhere."

PointRoll is very involved in the development of innovative advertising. They teamed up with Adobe and Akamai, aimed at putting the new Flash 8 VP6 model into live video ads. It is exciting to use an extension tool to display a wide range of products in banner ads, since it does not require users to leave the target site.

Spinello believes that such online advertising, technology is not a barrier, but a catalyst. The market developers usually how to integrate media and advertising channels. Below, there is a good way to achieve offline media in the local activities to maximize the benefits of investment.

national brand communication, product information to specific users. This allows advertisers to carry out activities to convey information to specific users through banner advertising. The best, it can play a connecting role. It is a very good thing to reduce the cost of publicity in the field of banner advertising. But don’t forget, this life