Liu Chuanzhi college students have the courage to venture


unfamiliar street looking for a girlfriend such companies are listed, and I like this person, how can we imagine? But later they are made." When it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, Lenovo Godfather Liu Chuanzhi (see photo) acknowledged that his views changed, as long as the courage to be able to". Entrepreneurship for young people, Liu Chuanzhi is only a little exhortations: don’t take parents’ pensions into the toss.

Internet era is still sprint

from the computer started, now dabbling in modern services, financial services and modern agriculture, in the eyes of Liu Chuanzhi head of Lenovo holdings, the age of the Internet is still in the sprint, the impact by the various sectors not panic, who can run to the end of this circle is unknown.

Liu Chuanzhi believes that there are hundreds of thousands of industries across the country, from the impact of the mobile Internet or fast or slow, but it is inevitable, but also can not hide hide. Lenovo must keep up with the pace of the first half, otherwise, there will be a big problem for a year. However, due to the different age groups, the time will be different. If all sectors like "Internet cafes" said to change at once, it will bring panic. Different industries should be adjusted in different steps.

Liu Chuanzhi said, practice has proved that the mobile Internet in the central area of the industry, the better the early investment. Lenovo to do investment summary of the experience is that things first, artificial heavy". But when investing in the early Internet companies, there is no way". For example, unfamiliar street looking for a girlfriend like this company will develop rapidly, and the market, like me, how can you imagine?."

Liu Chuanzhi said that the history of China’s Internet era is still very short, the local victory in the sprint may not be a circle of the whole run down, to calm the tide, brave face.

students have guts to start

recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice, allowing students drop out entrepreneurship. For how to treat the students leave school business school and entrepreneurship, Liu Chuanzhi admitted that he now views are very different and before.

"a few years ago, I hope to start college students carefully. Today, I encourage students to entrepreneurship, you can have the guts, because the mobile Internet, the emergence of new situations, many young people in Chinese characters also wrote a bad time, computer has been playing badly, make some fantastic things with the method we can not imagine, but conform to the trend of young people, even to do not good, also won’t have what price." Liu Chuanzhi said: "now some young people from the age of 14th Five-Year began to start a business, doing things better than you do, but you do not understand".

fear of selective enforcement

Liu Chuanzhi had to use eggs hatching chicks to describe the adaptation of the enterprise to the environment, the best temperature of eggs hatched chicks are 37.5 degrees C. He believes that when entrepreneurs in 1984, Lenovo in the harsh environment of the egg into a chicken.

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