How to make money after the age of Google webmaster

Google, but to give the majority of grassroots webmaster left some thoughts on how to survive. Although there are still a variety of large and small alliances, but there is no such an alliance is suitable for grassroots webmaster, not high door, involving a wide range of advertising, good reputation. However, I still don’t think this is a long-term advertising alliance on the occasion, so happy, I really do 2 years of time, did not join any advertising alliance. Google is gone, so I am very calm, because I have never been on it! The reason is very simple, the price is the price of migrant workers. I remember when I was on the site IP reached 2000 of the time Google advertising, the day’s revenue is $0.2. So the day I removed all of Google’s advertising. Here is a copy of my recent promotional mail.


high price of almost all kinds of things that demand is very small, that is simply not earn a few money. Pop, forget it. 4 yuan 1000IP less than migrant workers. Take this 1000IP to do what is not good! Of course, there are some expert do monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars, but it is very cattle people. Most of the webmaster can maintain a month or so has been a good 2000RMB.

In fact, the

can make money on the Internet more than a place to go, why single hanging a coalition tree. Technically, I believe that even with their own technology can earn more money than those advertising alliance, and does not need the site. The following is my very early from the locomotive of the forum replies, remember that in a period of 2 days (working time less than 6 hours) earn a classmate 600RMB (I want he added 100 fast). The following is my reply from a screenshot of the



at a very early age, I had a classmate in A5 to see themselves through the A5 forum also do not remember with a monthly income of tens of thousands, is probably the first study, you are interested in some kind of program, and then their own development. Sell to others. Now A5 on the line of cash tasks, a lot of money to make the opportunity to see where you want to go. Do not think that their own technical staff is not a genius is not to earn money, Chinese hundreds of millions of Internet users, occupy most of the rookie. Even with the owners, some people even use a CMS like mumbo-jumbo research study for half a year. Why Hao123 can be successful, he can successfully prove to like rookie, I am such a person, it is estimated the death. Because I never go there to find the site, because people do not know too much technology, so the network has a lot of money to make money. China’s Internet, never missing rookie. To provide services for the rookie people now have more cattle B last time, I want to suffer from their website revision, no art. 300 yuan to ask people to do an original home page, list page, content industry, the results of no one to do? Why? The price is too low, others are talking about the original words, 30>