Social networking site The Resumator financing $2 million 100 thousand



must be members of some of the information on the recruitment website luezhiyier, relatively well-known domestic 51Job, the recruitment and headhunting network etc.. The editor is to introduce the foreign a very famous recruitment website: The Resumator was originally founded in 2009 by Innovation Works, is an incubator of social recruitment solutions for start-up companies, the website is dedicated to enterprise search, to recruit the best talent.

The Resumator provides social network services based on the company recruitment, extensive use of social media makes each candidate’s resume can best be put to each company, and help the company some good publicity to the recruitment needs. At the same time, The Resumator also help the company to get a certain job evaluation and screening resumes, to avoid a large number of spam messages in the company’s recruitment mailbox and some completely unusual resume. The Resumator also provides a number of management skills testing services, as a reference for some companies in making hiring decisions.

The Resumator recently raised $2 million 100 thousand in B round of financing, they plan to use this new funding to expand its leadership team, increase customer base and consolidate strategic partnership. In general, the company is recruiting in sales, business development and operation of personnel, and the company hopes to find some human resources service provider as a strategic partner, to promote the development of the company’s human resources. In addition, The Resumator is also working with a number of venture capital companies and accelerator projects, hoping to attract more and better customers.

Birchmere Ventures partner and technology blog ReadWriteWeb’s former chief operating officer Sean – Ammirati (Sean Ammirati) said: "I was impressed by the The Resumator only spent a short period of 3 years from a rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises to become the industry’s leading recruitment platform, which is very worthy of praise."

article source: Techcrunch