VC no longer hide how to talk about the reasons for the failure of financing and entrepreneurial tea

a lot of VC will say that they pick a company, the company actually saw the entrepreneurial team. They’re not lying when they say that. However, they have never talked about the fact that they are out of a company, but also because the entrepreneurial team.

before becoming VC, I was an early entrepreneur. So, I know how much time and effort we need before we can do the project and the company’s vision, and I know that an early startup is like a founder’s own child. So I am very clear, when you try to get the favor of the VC but the end of a busy, and they do not give you a definite reply, don’t tell you what they think, don’t tell you why you refused the team, what kind of feeling stuck.

so, after I made VC, I made up my mind to change this situation. I will reply to all the people who sell to me, and if I have eliminated them in the end, I will give a clear summary of the reasons. I can’t give them any money, but I’ll help them in other ways. And I’m not talking about it, I really do.

is also almost in the process, I found VC in the selection of entrepreneurial projects when the golden rule – they basically look at the entrepreneurial team. Every time we look at a team project, we’ll take a moment to discuss it. Most of the discussion is about the team, and then we’ll talk about the product and the market. But in fact, we are talking about nothing more than, we like the founder, may be more subtle than you think:

did you see him in answering this question, on tenterhooks in a chair like


did you see that he was very vague about this particular topic, as if there were a lot of problems that didn’t change


he seems a little excited, the entire financing process must let him some heart haggard.

he seems a little desperate. He must have lost faith in the whole business.

then, we made the decision, not to invest money on the team, and then we have to tell these founders we put them out.

this time there will be a dilemma: if it is because the team eliminated a company, how do you want to mention the matter with the founder?

I mean, haven’t you noticed that most of the early start-up companies are aiming VC talked about the importance of entrepreneurial team, but they never say they actually out of a company, but also because of this reason. You didn’t notice anything wrong with it,

?Why did

do this? I decided to take the risk myself. I told some of the founders that I didn’t want to give them money. I also told the rest of the founders