Do guest in March to promote the experience and knowledge sharing

the sun about three months I made guest promotion achievements, not too much, but which contains a lot of sweat, sweat actually does not matter, mainly through zero income, under great pressure, the pressure of the pressure cooker is heated, with the passage of time, the pressure is more and more big every day, one thing seems to be blind, but to do such a thing, you do not know there is no use of


is always hovering between adhering to and giving up, Tao is such a complex group. I was 08 years in June, came in contact with the guest (now renamed as Taobao customers), was successfully made the first guest guest website "early net", when many owners are basically using YAHOO webmaster in the guest promotion, YAHOO has no long station however, after 2 years of development, now the Taobao customer team has been very strong, but the mom technology is very skilled, is also very easy to build a website, a domain name, a space, a piece of code, fix, I think the fastest but an hour.

I was also using YAHOO webmaster do promotion, just send some articles, and then add some links to get about a month, they give up, because I am a little network infrastructure are not, cannot read what code, do not know how to promote, anyway, like painting the gourd with those successful the webmaster in imitation of them. I make the mobile phone shopping guide, until January 09, Chinese new year time, I accidentally opened the Ali Mama backstage, found the account more than 8 yuan of money (can stock of the mobile phone, it seems like it is 300 yuan, the data in the background have to query the mom, a little regret). You are very happy, after all, Amoy money is true, so I had doubts, then made a site in the territory, they can never understand website to read HTML code and make a simple CSS using DW, he can write and modify the div+css ", middle mill the first half of the year, in fact, I feel silly, I spent 100 yuan to ask people to do a website, but they spent half the time to learn the original website, I am a person, always think what Understand a little, starting from the foundation, this is the real ability. In fact, rather than spend so much energy and time to learn, as well as the time and energy are used to promote the above, it will speed up the pace of my.

but wheted after more than half a year, I learned a lot of things that I know now the site has been very thorough, at least I can be with the open source cms program, the original own guest website,

. After the site, I began to learn the real promotion, although rumors on the Internet many successful methods, although many have not used (because now Amoy promotion link flooding, many places have been blocked can be extended, Amoy link) but I think there are certainly many places not being discovered, or need higher ability technology and gold to do publicity, after all.