China Unicom’s acquisition of specific amount is unknown

according to the relevant person in charge of China Unicom, said the company has recently acquired the international domain name, the specific amount is unknown.

said, " China Unicom to acquire the domain name as a logical, because the 10010 customer service hotline has been as everyone knows, the focus of controversy mainly in terms of price, as to what the final price of the transaction, we inconvenient disclosed ".

According to

, an industry source said, the domain name was Chengdu domain name speculators holding, and China Unicom official website domain name for the early acquisition of income.

reporter learned that the domain name has now pointed to the official website of China Unicom (, and its domain name has been changed to ", China United Communications Co., Ltd. ". China Unicom official said, " whether to do the main domain name, we have not received a higher notice ". (end)