The 18 page PPT disclosed for the first time, to see how to break the siege of joy electric

Abstract: joy adjust the business ideas, put forward to business flow, especially the quality of passenger flow, which helps to solve the two major bottlenecks of the shopping center industry future development: one is the internal scarcity, the scarcity of passenger flow, the other is a scarce consumer attention.


with the continuous development of modern retail, shopping center has become an important place for offline consumption, and the Internet technology update iteration, so that people’s consumer attitudes and lifestyles are constantly changing. People began to ask, how to deal with the physical business of the Internet brought about change?

In November 19th

held "COFCO joy business focused customer value summit and the 2015 annual customer daxiehui joy joy", executive director and general manager Han Shi joy business management team released joy the future Internet development strategy, expounds and extension of "integrated service platform" connotation, depicts a picture of the city commercial value.

PPT on page 18. See how fun joy "comprehensive service platform", "break the siege electricity".


joy executive director and general manager Han Shi


year eleven double ended, you may ask how joy performance? This year’s "double eleven", the city through the promotion of marketing activities, do the next line experience, driving the double promotion and sales of passenger flow. City passenger traffic grew 15.1%, sales grew 32.9%, an increase of 14% over last year’s double eleven period of total sales, including Shenyang, Yantai, sales have exceeded 70% growth. Chaoyang joy in "double eleven" launched during the "copy number, open and aboveboard" go out "about the benefits, you pay a series of activities, Xidan Joy City Xidan District linkage launched the" double eleven "activities. Joy again with the data to prove that the business entity still has strong vitality.


Internet on the relationship between people, information and commodity changes

however, this does not mean that we can ignore the impact of the development of the Internet on the real business. Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the interactive relationship between the three people, information and goods has been changed. The Internet not only revolutionized the way people live, consumption patterns, ideology and behavior habits, but also to bring the information supply and demand patterns, showing the form, contact habits, access to change. By the change of the people and the information, the corresponding changes in the commodity driven, including product design, sales channels, logistics channels, settlement, supply management, etc.. We know that people, goods and information, is the three elements of the consumer economy in the era of the Internet, when the changes are taking place in the three elements, the business model of business and profit, but also will be more profound changes.