A brief discussion on the Enlightenment of e-commerce network from word of mouth marketing

Large scale

word-of-mouth network is increasingly hot, word-of-mouth marketing also will be fast. More and more word of mouth marketing events in today’s rapid development of the Internet era. Word of mouth marketing, as the name implies, is the enterprise in the investigation of the market demand situation, need to provide products and services for consumers, and formulate certain reputation promotion plan, let the consumer a good evaluation of automatic transmission products and services, so that people understand the products, through word-of-mouth brand, strengthen market awareness, finally achieve the enterprise product sales and the purpose of providing services.

from Ogilvy to dynamic music refueling mission and iPhone girl to Lan Dong, summed up the classic case and failure example of this series of word-of-mouth marketing, it is not difficult to see that any business and marketing must not be at the cost of honesty is. People’s eyes are sharp, even with negative word-of-mouth and exaggerated gimmick hype hot for a while, see through the trick was in the final will, end to end badly, but also the public reputation of a spurned and scold.

axiom to follow, rational and effective marketing should be on the right track. Through the case analysis, combined with the actual situation, the key point of successful word-of-mouth marketing is to serve the public, honesty. The inspiration from these aspects can also be applied to the operation of e-commerce.

first, to provide quality products and services. Good products and services is the cornerstone of word-of-mouth marketing, word-of-mouth and high-quality, cost-effective products are inseparable, good user experience is an important prerequisite for word-of-mouth marketing, which requires the electronic commerce website needs to uphold the "to provide quality products" for the purpose of service. Gold will always shine, the corresponding good products will always spread. Be sure the user experience of the product or service through Internet communication path, and word of mouth, so the spread of the storm style will bring unexpected publicity to you, even more popular than the advertising effect.

secondly, the opening of the word-of-mouth platform, in order to accelerate the operation of word of mouth. Most e-commerce sites did not open word of mouth platform, and this feature is precisely the basis for the release of evaluation, dissemination of views. Word of mouth platform can not only enable consumers to quickly and easily access to commodity information, enlarge the influence of good reputation, but also to promote the potential consumers to buy goods. In addition, consumers do not use the product can be released through this platform to ask for information, and businesses, users to form an interactive trading situation but also to promote the growth of platform popularity. Although the evaluation system and reputation platform products have different approaches but equally satisfactory results effect and function, but the better reputation.

once again, operating and managing a negative reputation, the initiative in the passive. After the opening of the word-of-mouth platform, the same product services will inevitably have different voices. All products such as word of mouth are positive words relative to the occasional false, neutral and negative information but also. But if you do not deal with this kind of information in a timely manner, the resulting negative effects will pose a threat to your products and reputation. In time >