Zhang Jindong calls for the rule of law

Zhang Jindong – " and " in previous years; flat; half, directed at electricity supplier " annual volume " free legal supervision;, and then bring the rampant fakes, the loss of national revenue, industry of unfair competition.

An army marches on its stomach. Following the February 21st for the company changed its name, and on the annual plan, business strategy, organizational structure, personnel appointments after a number of deployments, Zhang Jindong in the upcoming two sessions in 2013 also prepared adequate ammunition".

Zhang Jindong is a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Su ningyun", namely the original chairman of Suning Appliance).

is reported that, in 2013 the two sessions, Zhang Jindong proposal and e-commerce (hereinafter referred to as the ‘electricity supplier’)." Among them, for the purpose of "in the development of e-commerce into the existing legal system as soon as possible in the proposal, a previous anti Jindong" and "half", directed at the electricity supplier annual volume of free legal supervision ", and then bring the rampant fakes, the loss of national revenue, industry of unfair competition.

this means that after 3 years of preparation, the Soviet Union will be fully operational in the business model stereotypes, Zhang Jindong target directed at Taobao and other old electricity supplier".

attention perspective completely change

According to informed sources, in 2013,

, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, as in previous years, he will submit a proposal 5~7. Among them, the development of the electricity supplier into the orbit of the rule of law, the existing e-government platform, construction of the era of big data to ensure the last mile electricity supplier logistics service price, regulate foreign investment guarantee business entity industry safety, strengthen the protection of personal information legislation are the theme proposal as soon as possible.

According to

, a year ago, Zhang Jindong to 2012 NPC and CPPCC submitted 7 proposals "is a variety of ways to solve the employment problem of college students", "appropriate to improve low-income groups basic subsistence consumption subsidies", "stimulating domestic demand to promote the growth of household consumption," new political connection "standard of electronic commerce market in order to perfect the relevant laws system", "optimize the facilities", the bottleneck of the development of logistics policy clear "restore the Golden Week", stimulating domestic demand to enrich people’s lives, "with the enterprise resources to enhance the occupation education".

comparison is not difficult to find, suning.com after 3 years of rapid development, and is set in 2013 for Suning "cloud providers mode (retail store services + +) online business platform, from the perspective of Zhang Jindong’s attention from the traditional retail industry fully to the electricity supplier thinking".

among them, the rule of law and the construction of electric commercial logistics for two consecutive years. But in 2012, in order to improve the relevant legal norms business "speak generally" compared to the 2013 proposal for considerable efforts and.

proposal in 2012, Zhang Jindong said that the electricity supplier is the enterprise innovation driven, industry rose >