Teach you to use five creative fun drilling Exhibition


in many forums to see the top drill master exhibition to share some experience, according to the comparison of niubable drill Master said Show Click price can be 0.2 yuan, and 70% shops in the flow are obtained by drilling exhibition, as a just started drilling exhibition promotion only a month to the novice the authenticity of the data, I will not doubt, because playing drill exhibition need is creative and continuous testing, once found the breakthrough point, a flow of only 0.2 yuan can get be not at all surprising. What are the creative ideas that need to be tested to get the best results?

is the first advertising. At present, it has been able to drill a total of 105 statistics, advertising, which stands for the vast majority of promotion. Creative advertising requirements of each index, show the amount of the size of the picture is not the same, after a month of test results, I think the advertising must ensure that there is sufficient flow to support, so put the result has to be effective. My advice is to choose to show the amount in more than 8 digits, while the minimum daily budget of 100 yuan to 300 yuan for the upper right corner of the chat window Wangwang: banner,


want daily pop small map 3



3 home screen banner

favorites bottom banner 2


the lowest daily budget of these positions are 100 yuan, a thousand times to show the price of between $0.7 to $1, you can spend a relatively small cost to test. Although the transformation cannot accurately obtain the position of higher rates, but to show the amount of clicks, the amount of collection into this logic to analyze, put in effect in our shop last half month, want to chat window on the upper right corner of the banner collection rate of 0.037%, Taobao home page 3 screen banner collection rate 0.07%, while the rate of 2 of the favorites bottom banner is 22% even click on the carousel, priced at 4 yuan, but it is still worth to put the focus on advertising. Because the higher the collection, to prove that the location of the conversion rate will be relatively better. Want to chat and the upper right corner of the window banner the location of the click rate although can do 0.11%, click on the price at around 2 yuan, but because of less, can only be used as the key to launch advertising.

second is a copywriter. Every day I will be in the appropriate advertising creative picture browsing industry shops, if you feel the meaning of the picture will be placed in the screenshot collection, the corresponding date folder, when the need for creative ideas can be directly with other people’s ideas, or reference these ideas. Note that this idea is only for copywriting, can be reflected in the funny (picture is a picture of a child crying, and then the mother is to grab the eye cream), question type >