The five hurdle hinder the development of mobile providers

if the development of the Internet has laid a solid foundation for e-commerce, then the birth of Taobao is a plug in the wings of e-commerce. According to the 2011 China e-commerce innovation and Development Forum data show that in 2012 China’s electricity supplier will exceed the size of 6 trillion. The development of high speed showed a continuous upward trend, while the rocket in the electronic commerce development behind, another emerging pattern is gradually into people’s vision, and is likely to become the mainstream model, that is the mobile providers.

, according to the report released by AI media consulting said that in 2011 the scale of mobile electricity supplier transactions was 15 billion 670 million yuan, an increase of 609%, is expected to reach 25 billion 150 million. Users from 92 million in 2011 to 146 million in 2012, the scale is steadily rising. But the development of the mobile Internet compared to PC e-commerce, there is a long distance to go, although it is a big trend, but in the development process will inevitably encounter a variety of resistance, today we enumerate placed in the mobile business development on the road to the five hurdle.


2009-2015 mobile e-commerce transaction size

first, the mobile terminal penetration rate is still low

mobile terminal production is the core of the mobile phone, tablet PC is small. From 2007 500 million growth to 1 billion in 2012, China’s mobile phone penetration rate has reached about 77%, but the popularity of these beautiful digital intelligent mobile phone is not equal to the rate of mobile value-added services and can not be equated. A large number of users to the use of low-end functional machine based, the core is still calling and texting. Many mobile phone users do not have the ability to become mobile users, although the city intelligent mobile phone penetration rate reached 35%, but the overall penetration rate of the last third, enough, this is the first hurdle.

second, mobile wireless tariff is too high

traffic, mobile providers must face a difficult problem. Although 2G has been in full swing, 3G era has begun to affect people’s lives, but 3G is often used as a "business network", a simple web browsing, email, mobile social networking is the three most important applications, mobile shopping is far from being popular, which is very important reason is that mobile phone traffic is not enough, flow the tariff is too expensive. We all know that shopping needs constant "pick" and "shopping", the constant contrast, so very costly. Take my friends around, every month, 100MB GPRS free traffic is still the main force of mobile Internet, which is certainly not enough for mobile shopping, a little bit of browsing a few baby traffic is almost.

third, mobile network speed is too slow

mobile internet speed compared with the traditional PC or the absolute gap, this is also a mishap. Big cities faster than two or three lines of the city, the two or three line is better than rural areas. Mobile shopping