Yi Xun CEO Bu or will leave entrepreneurial orientation undecided

April 23rd evening news, reliable information obtained from the source, easy fast CEO Bu Guangqi will leave the business, but the entrepreneurial direction has not yet been determined.

previously, there are easy fast network executives told billion state power network said Bu Guang Qi is unlikely to leave. Because when the acquisition of Tencent is easy and fast, has put forward an important condition is that Bu Guangqi must work in the easy fast network to 2015.

and the learned from relevant sources close to the Bu Guang Qi, bu Guang Qi may be left in May and the Tencent to do poineering work again, the person did not disclose whether the venture investment has got.

but the source said, as well as a partner in the venture as well as heavyweight, may come from the well-known traditional brand group.

we tried to contact Bu Guangqi himself to verify the news, but the phone has not been connected.

sources told us, from the Tencent capital Jingdong, business integration and Jingdong launched fast and easy, Yi Xun changed significantly, the company plans to transfer to Yangzhou (many employees easy fast main entry call center). According to the report, many employees believe this is a disguised form of layoffs".

in fact, proprietary business and third party business platform will be fully electric Tencent to Jingdong, Tencent and Jingdong will have some data sharing, according to the plan easy fast logistics and customer service center in Yangzhou will also be incorporated into the Jingdong.

, a person familiar with the Tencent Jingdong insiders inject told billion state power network, investment, fast and easy equivalent to the Jingdong in blood transfusion. The fast and easy CEO Bu Guangqi, from the Tencent had completely after the injection, bu Guang Qi actually has been relegated to the background, the relatively more direct intervention group Tencent. The sources, Tencent should have identified a number of people in charge of the departure time, but Bu Guangqi is likely to work in June 30th.

it is understood that the Bu Guang Qi in June 5, 2006 founded the easy fast network, and has served as CEO’s office, had previously worked for five years in the new China.

Tencent in 2010 completed the first round of easy fast investment. In May 2012, the public disclosure of the proportion of the non disclosure of about 80% stake in Tencent, the remaining shares held by the fast and easy management.

August 5, 2013, Tencent Inc issued an internal e-mail, the appointment of Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi as vice president of Tencent Inc, the Tencent is responsible for the construction and development of the electricity supplier self brand business, to the Tencent of electricity holding company CEO Wu Xiaoguang.