Shop No. 1 Song Chunlei electric burn on a sustained low according to follow

[TechWeb] March 21st news reports, the 1 vice president of the 1st shop merchandise department Song Chunlei told TechWeb, the latest data from the interviews, the price is always the first choice among the most valued online shopping, the electricity supplier to do sustainable low-cost but also justified.

1 shop Song Chunlei

in March 20th of each year, shop No. 1 will be held in the 320 mobile home Festival, and put forward the concept of a low of $50 yuan. Song Chunlei revealed that this year’s promotional efforts greater, more forms.

electricity supplier price war has lasted for several years, continued to "burn" was seen as the industry vicious spiral. But Song Chunlei said that if the blind price and ignore the commodity quality and consumer experience, is a kind of irrational behavior, but the No. 1 store in quality, logistics, customer service and other aspects of consumption experience can provide a strong guarantee, based on these, shop No. 1, 320 mobile phone appliances festival actually for the development of the industry is to promote the role of the.

Song Chunlei said that the price war from the No. 1 store good impression, in fact is the efficient integration of 1 stores and brands or suppliers of resources, so as to effectively control the purchase cost, more benefit to the consumer space.

Shop No. 1, not only in the "320 mobile phone appliances Festival" in the promotion price is lower than the competitors, after the release of iPhone6s, shop No. 1 of the state line iPhone6s was maintained for a period of time of the whole network lowest price, the same situation is SONY’s PS4. For price reasons, Song Chunlei said the global partnership backed by WAL-MART’s popular models, stable supply shop No. 1, take the goods of formal channels, and apple and SONY is the No. 1 store quality resources cooperation, so have certain advantages in the purchase cost, in addition to the popular products consumer concern, No. 1 the shop also tend to offer higher profits.

food retail is the strength of the number 1 stores, but Song Chunlei said that the phone number 2 years ago as the number of stores to carry out the strategic category of development.

but in terms of business strategy, shop No. 1 has moved all of the electricity business, all adjusted to open platform settled mode. In Song Chunlei seems, everyone on the sale of electricity distribution and installation requirements are very high, the adjustment of this business model, but also to give customers a better after-sales service experience. For third party merchants, shop No. 1 has a strict audit system and the daily regulatory system, only businesses with a complete authorized chain can be approved to enter the store No. 1 platform sales of goods. The daily supervision, for businesses No. 1 points to take the 3+X management mode for the settled merchants, the implementation of strict regulatory in the qualification examination, promotion norms, daily transactions and customer service process, and for each category seller store frequently checks, to fully protect the interests of customers." (Ming Yu)