Wu Xiaobo channel’s electricity supplier is a good store suspected sudden dissolution

today the news was informed from the Wu Xiaobo channel’s content business platform "good shop" suddenly stopped, the team disbanded suspected.

good shop around October 2015 on the line, the nine division under the Shanghai Pakistan Spirit Culture Communication Co., in addition, Wu Xiaobo’s channel has also registered Hangzhou eight or nine spirit cultural creative Co. Ltd., the blue whale has learned from informed sources, the Hangzhou company is mainly responsible for the platform content control, and better store electricity supplier team in Shanghai.


"it was a sudden news that the team had disbanded, and the project manager had left a week ago." A good assistant to the blue whale said that at present, more than and 10 people are unemployed in the state, he is also looking for work. The blue whale and then division is responsible for contact, the person said to have left the venture.

according to the good shops including a provider of news, last week, everyone has been informed, the other said, because the company’s internal personnel changes, the original beauty shop colleagues will be responsible for this month (November) No. 30, so the related matters this month and financial reconciliation also please contact the original pick up. Starting next month, new colleagues will be on duty."

but better store their own blue login platform found that products are not offline, internal staff also said that the current good store performance is not bad, especially during the double 11, last month also continue the recruitment of new employees.

electricity supplier and content, Wu Xiaobo channel two legs

good shop in October 2015 before and after the line, according to the understanding of the creative name from Wu Xiaobo, a popular saying: "waste their lives in the beautiful things", division head is a senior media people from the pre modern communication platform, slogan is "every commodity has a wonderful the story of" the main excavation around the country builders and their products.

had previously informed sources said that although the team inspected many unique craftsman products, but the most difficult to achieve quantitative, currently on the platform is still a big supplier.

, according to industry insiders, good shop business model belongs to premium content by the reader to guide business platform, one is the Wu Xiaobo channel huge fan base, a head is small and medium-sized entrepreneurs across the country.

It is reported that Wu Xiaobo

channel as of May this year, there are nearly two million fans at Iqiyi since May 8, 2014, since the on-line, by virtue of this super Wu Xiaobo financial media IP, its namesake financial talk show in a short period of two months, the total playback volume exceeded 90 million, ranked in the domestic financial video program for the top spot, in the WeChat content entrepreneurial dividend harvest a large number of fans.


insider told Wu Xiaobo the blue whale, the current channel readers include high net >