How to break the bottleneck of traditional e-commerce outsourcing

Internet first rise in foreign countries and achieve development, some of the traditional brand enterprises abroad are the first time the rise in Internet commerce will cut into the market, until the development of e-commerce in foreign countries is relatively mature, the incoming domestic only part of e-commerce insight launched Chinese characteristics, later developed rapidly. In the real economy in a disastrous state environment, become an independent school of electronic commerce. In 2009, China electronic business turnover is 3 trillion and 850 billion yuan, in 2010, this data has reached 4 trillion and 500 billion, in 2011 the first half of 2011 is 2 trillion and 950 billion, the whole year is expected to reach 6 trillion and 800 billion, has become an important economic force.

but in most traditional enterprises China of e-commerce is still in a wait state, or as great scourges. Among them, the main reason is: the harsh market competition based on the traditional enterprises have established the traditional business operation system of a set of relatively complete and with strong competitiveness, including channel system and customer relationship. Therefore, the fear of emerging e-commerce impact on traditional operating system and hurt, so simply shut the door. On the other hand, compared with the traditional Internet companies, the realization of the brand electricity supplier is still facing lack of operational experience, lack of professional teams, online and offline integration and other major issues. For example, if the traditional brand self built e-commerce, e-commerce channels will involve planning, site or platform shop, shop maintenance, marketing, warehousing logistics, CRM management, data mining, customer service service and other complex operations. If the traditional enterprise wants to directly carry out the B2C business, because of the talent, technology and management of the lack of professional and other reasons, may not start tens of millions of funds is very difficult to do.

so, e-commerce outsourcing can be a good solution to the bottleneck of traditional enterprises.

in fact, leveraging brand congenital traditional enterprises, supply chain, industry chain management and other advantages, to enter the electricity supplier, strong competitiveness. For example, foreign electricity supplier TOP10, only one pure electricity supplier companies, and 9 from the traditional enterprise. Chinese electricity supplier TOP10, almost all pure electricity supplier companies, so that traditional enterprises to enter the electricity supplier, the competitiveness is beyond doubt. Many well-known brands have their first tried to build an independent team to operate the electronic commerce, and the traditional brand enterprises to embark on the road of business imperative (because of changes in the business environment: your customers on the Internet, your partner on the Internet, your competitors are on the internet…… These are, forcing enterprises to adapt to the new environment, rather than by the new environment and gradually turn a deaf ear to, out of pity, largely ineffective). The presence of the electricity supplier outsourcing service companies will undoubtedly make up for this shortcoming. At present, the main business of domestic mature business outsourcing enterprises including help traditional industry brands in the online shop, and is responsible for store decoration, operation, marketing, customer service, warehouse logistics and other services; and then the brand merchandise in cooperation with sales service distribution channels; provide technical support for brands B2C, including a brand mall >