Network group buying credit certification opens a new era of e-commerce industry

e-commerce market in recent years, B2B, B2C, C2C All flowers bloom together., such as rapid development, according to statistics, over the past year, Chinese network market total sales exceeded 100 billion yuan, an increase of 373%. Such a huge piece of cake, you can imagine the prosperity of the industry.

in fact, the e-commerce market due to the simple model, can be copied strong market has been considered low barriers to entry". Simple model, high rate stimulation, lack of integrity, plus some of the network’s own quality is not high, resulting in e-commerce industry chaos four.

at the end of October 2010, China International Electronic Commerce Center in the e-commerce market credit system construction and industry standardization work, launched the "Certification Rules" electronic commerce credit, and 29 for the first certified website issued a certificate, in order to improve the e-commerce market transparency, standardize the development of insurance industry, leading the industry to achieve the survival of the fittest. According to the center for war Xiangyun credit certification news, for the first time through the 29 group purchase site certification, not only in terms of business integrity and protection of consumer goods, and in the selection, the admissibility of complaints and Xianhengpeifu etc. are doing very well enough to play an exemplary role in the industry benchmark.

in addition, in order to better safeguard the rights and interests of consumers to help them at the end of December last year, issued the "online shopping credit complaints guide", and opened 4006400312 telephone complaints, convenient consumer complaints. War Xiangyun also said: "this year, we will according to the development of the industry, continue to third party status to launch some new" benchmarking ". At the same time to strengthen the industry benchmark guide and good faith demonstration role, accelerate the pace of building credit system, to guide the industry as soon as possible to achieve healthy and orderly development, and create a new situation in the e-commerce industry."