2015 why didn’t Taobao let us brush

a lot of people ask me, why not store this year before a single brush to improve the ranking? My answer is not. I do now is the router, we first look at the title of today: Taobao why not let us brush it?.

1, a substantial decline in Ali profits

Ali’s earnings can be seen in the fourth quarter of 2014, profit fell by 28.8%. To the first quarter of 2015, the more obvious, a decrease of 48% over the same period. Now I want to ask why not let you brush, is actually very simple to raise revenue! Because the revenue side, train and diamond booth Ali is very valuable, how much is that you and I are not clear only Ali decision-making is clear, but we understand is definitely a lot of. In view of the above situation, the result is a single brush: brush the general Taobao store products in front of the crown and Tmall shop. So who will train, diamond booth pay? A simple way to crown shop and Tmall stores also can brush single grab in front of. Ali revenue decreased significantly!

2, the growth of other platforms

Since the acquisition of general

Ali Su ningyun, the Jingdong to bring great trouble to ali. At present, there may be a Ma Yun to think of WeChat, it is difficult to eat smoothly. Now comes a Jingdong, before you can not care about now must care about, according to statistics Jingdong 2015 turnover has reached 40% of Tmall. Just last year just 21%. Or according to the need to accept Taobao brush paralysis. Ali’s quality integrity come from?

3, Ali internal remediation

into the 2015 national economic situation decline, this is an indisputable fact! Ali Ali cloud only internal growth in the rapid growth, but now after all limited contribution! In this case, we must first improve the quality of the products have eliminated the strength of the business, maintain the strength of the business, a rule, not long ago rules of dress and September 2nd is about to go 3C digital rules is to enhance the overall image of Ali

Taobao brush is a very common situation, but now in 2015 today, the brush has not started, in order to survive it will not go on like this. After the situation will only be more severe!