Electricity supplier return rate of pain a substantial push to the cost of the business as a secret

returns as a legitimate rights of consumers, not only in the store feasible, the state in the field of electricity providers specialized implementation of the 7 days no reason to return provisions. But for the double eleven sales surge in the size of the electricity supplier, the logistics cost is much higher than the return of the store, has become an unavoidable pain.

China industry research network data show that last year, double eleven electricity supplier return rate accounted for an average of 25% of sales, some businesses up to 40%. This year, only from November 10th to 7 days, the entire industry to deal with the mail (express) volume reached 586 million, an increase of nearly 70% over last year. The maximum daily handling capacity is three times the usual daily processing capacity (33 million 90 thousand pieces / day). This means that this year, double eleven return rate is still high.

returned to the merchant’s goods in return, how many belong to the normal range, and the number of return reduces all aspects of the operational efficiency? No matter what the reason for the return of buyers and sellers, as well as related to the logistics company are related to the transportation cost, the cost of damage. In addition, return is also related to emotional costs. 24, 2009, twenty-first Century economic news reporter interviewed a number of companies believe that the rate of return data on the electricity supplier companies are more sensitive, but it is indeed one of the cost of the company attaches great importance to.

sensitive return rate

Shenzhen Haige logistics Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Hercules logistics") service objects have transnational retail groups, there are domestic electricity supplier giant.

"double eleven" before the start of the month is the busiest period of Hercules logistics. In fact, this is not only busy preparing for the double eleven, but also for the post double back in preparation for the return of eleven. A large number of goods transported to the factory of different electricity supplier, quickly arrived at the country distribution center, then sent to the corresponding courier company warehouse, which began in the end of September each year the commodity migration test all aspects of logistics.

but return the topic, has become a logistics company for the electricity supplier companies to guard the secret, because these electricity supplier business is its guests". According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter learned that the guests want to know each other than the outside of the return rate, because it is related to the purchase and management of their own competition with competitors. This is because, after every online shopping consumers, orders, logistics information with a long string, can see the logistics dynamic changes. The flow of e-commerce in the virtual business process system, and suppliers, platform providers, logistics providers, etc..

logistics company to the construction cost as an example, the Hercules logistics retail logistics department deputy general manager Chen Jiahe to accept the twenty-first Century economic report told reporters that the rough division of logistics services Hagrid into two kinds: traditional retail and e-commerce. The small base Haige Logistics Limited Business a year increase in the proportion of up to 100%-200%, far more than the traditional retail. In order to cope with the huge logistics operation, the company must develop Jiancang point.

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