Tmall 11 pairs of live in the evening, Ma said remind everyone will soon change!


] November 10th news billion state power network today, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun told CCTV financial interview, the face of the electricity supplier to touch the ceiling question, Ma Yun responded that the electricity supplier has accounted for only 10% of the retail Chinese, the future there is still much room for growth, but the pure electricity supplier or pure line will be unsustainable.


Alibaba group core business slowdown is an indisputable fact. Alibaba group announced in the second quarter of fiscal year November 2nd (July 1, 2016 to September 30th), the results show that the core electricity supplier business revenue grew by $41%, far less than the growth rate of Ali cloud of 130% of the growth rate of.

questioned the slowdown in the growth of the electricity supplier, Ma said: electricity supplier said the ceiling, too unimaginative, the electricity supplier has accounted for only 10% of China’s retail sales. This year the situation is the best Ali, but this time does not change, Ali can not get to the future. Repairing the roof when the sun is shining."

electricity supplier at least in recent years will be rapid development. However, the pure electricity supplier does not have the line with the electricity supplier to go soon, the line does not embrace the Internet, but also go far."

Ma Yun once again stressed the concept of new retail: pure electricity supplier no longer exists, but the electricity supplier continues to develop. What is the electricity supplier, that is, we have mastered the technology of the Internet, thinking and operating mode, creating a new business model. I think the future will be the birth of a new retail form, online, offline, logistics, technology, the perfect combination of data."

the impact of the new retail also expanded from online to a broader field. "It will affect the changes in the city’s business district, supply chain, supply side reform, I think five to ten years can see a huge change. Starting next year, Ali began to prepare, we do not only for their own sake, but also for our customers, consumers, Ali ecological people."

finally, Ma concluded: "I have to remind you that the day soon changed."