24 children’s Publishing House boycott Jingdong low promotion

May 16th, Jingdong mall played a total of sixty percent off children’s books cap promotional advertising, causing some children’s Publishing House’s strong dissatisfaction. In May 17th, China children press published 24 children’s publishing house head office, led by the relay press in his rights banner, jointly issued a statement on the promotion of Jingdong mall condemned, the lawyer’s letter also arrived on the afternoon of Beijing Jingdong Agel Ecommerce Ltd and Jingdong of Beijing Bai Lu picked up three Century Trading Co. ltd..

said in a statement, 24 children’s Publishing House published the book has never authorized any units to sell at a price lower than the cost, the Beijing Jingdong Agel Ecommerce Ltd and Jingdong of Beijing Bai Lu picked up three century trade limited company in the "Jingdong mall" below cost price sales statement by the publication of the book, the two companies belong to unilateral acts the. The statement also pointed out that the price lower than the cost of selling all children’s books, has been a serious violation of the relevant publishers and operators of the legitimate rights and interests, constitute acts of unfair competition.

therefore, 24 children’s Publishing House urged Beijing Jingdong Agel Ecommerce Ltd and Jingdong in Beijing three hundred six hundred degrees Century Trading Co., the relevant information in the advertisement to stop publishing Jingdong mall, to stop the illegal sale, at the same time, will be retained to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through legal means rights.

Beijing Zhong Yong

law firm received a commission of 24 children’s publishing house, Beijing Jingdong to Agel Ecommerce Ltd and Jingdong in Beijing three hundred six hundred degrees century trade limited company service letter. The lawyer said, the Jingdong store at the price lower than the cost of sales of children’s books, in violation of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" Eleventh article on "the operator is not to exclude competitors for the purpose of the provisions of the sales below cost price of books", has seriously disrupted the market order, impair the legitimate rights and interests of operators and book publishers, dumping behavior has constituted unfair competition behavior.

online bookstore and publishing links into flames smoke Mister 24 children’s agency called – to curb unfair competition and create a good ecological environment

last year, online book store price war, the book retail market get jittery, also let publishers complain incessantly. The day before, the mall Jingdong Book channel in the sale of more than 50 thousand kinds of children’s books played all sixty percent off Cap advertising, thus, online book mall price war has begun to damage the interests of the press. By China children published 24 children’s Publishing House League Headquarters, relay press led in May 17th issued a statement on the Jingdong mall dumping severely condemned and said, will not rule out the use of legal means to safeguard.

in this regard, many children’s publishing house editor, in an "Chinese news published" the reporter said in an interview: the network shopping mall dumping, not only against the interests of publishers, go down for a long time, will eventually harm the interests of consumers.