Suning open platform to seek competitive differentiation under the line break moment

Suning brewing open platform has long been on the line. In September 12th, Suning in the water cube held open platform strategy conference, thousands scale after this, will be in Nanjing city held a 11 investment conference, enough to see its open platform for investment.

This is

after the early June, the company changed its name line under the same price, another important action of Su ningyun. Suning open platform development will directly affect the performance of Suning suning. According to Su ningyun and vice chairman of the planning, the future, Suning open platform sales will be more than self.

from the time point of view, Suning open platform for nearly three years later than Jingdong. In the face of the development of mature Tmall, occupy the initiative Jingdong, Suning open platform will be out of what kind of road?

differentiated competitive strategy

from the Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin, executive vice president of Li Bin speech can be summed up, Suning open platform and Tmall, Jingdong mainly exists in two ways:

Suning will open the next line store resources. This is also the third party sellers Suning open platform expectations. Suning has more than 1 thousand and 600 stores in the country, is expected to expand to 3500 stores in 2020, the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year, the core stores will be open to suppliers.

According to

reports, Suning line shop has the following resources: businesses can open the physical display in the store, or through the electronic tag, the two-dimensional code to display; stores from mentioning, warehousing, distribution and other services even; store employees for businesses to provide quality goods for recommended service; line shop is natural advertising resources, can according to different time, by different city.

Suning had publicity release wrote: the Internet brand after several years of rapid growth, growth began to enter into the bottleneck period, many brands have sought to tap the line, make up the "natural defects down to earth". However, many Internet brands do not have the conditions and strength to expand the retail line. Suning dual platform open mode for more businesses, especially Internet brands bring new hope.

Suning will also be restrictions on businesses. Suning open platform with the category of five businesses, that is, the same commodity, up to a total of five businesses exist. On the one hand, I hope to help the user to conduct a preliminary screening, on the other hand, hoping to avoid vicious competition. These five businesses are not fixed, according to the rule of survival of the fittest, there may be a new substitute in the business.

Li Bin said Suning is not eager to recruit unlimited number of businesses. Currently, Suning open platform first settled 300 businesses. According to the plan, this year merchants 1, 5 merchants in 2014, merchants in 2015 to 10. Can be compared to the end of 3 by the end of 6 merchants Tmall, Jingdong open platform currently nearly ten thousand businesses in the vicinity of the end of 2012.

Li Bin called it open platform 3, >