Talk about the relationship between the advertiser, the alliance and the webmaster

advertisers, advertisers, is money, money in advertising alliance advertising, advertisers.

website alliance, also known as the advertising alliance, the auction union is the same as the advertising alliance, is the advertiser’s advertising distribution to the major members of the site to an intermediary platform.

site owners, advertising alliance which is specifically for the alliance to publish some of the advertising site webmaster.

advertisers pay for advertising, advertising alliance put these ads to members of the website, advertising alliance earn advertising Commission, for example in GOOGLE advertising, advertising for pay per click advertising costs 0.20 yuan, a 0.05 yuan per click can access the website produced the main site, each click advertising revenue is 0.15 yuan.

advertising alliance is also divided into two categories:

is a member of the station by small and medium-sized advertising, such as GOOGLE, YAHOO, Baidu and Sogou advertising and domestic advertising, most of them are in this category, they do not own their own advertising station, is to rely on large and small owners website to display advertising and consumption click advertising alliance earn commissions.

another category is a large portal station advertising alliance, such as Sina bidding, their advertising is released on the Sina station, there is no small advertising alliance site.

we study the bidding, mainly to study the typical representative of the auction, is the GOOGLE advertising alliance.

GOOGLE advertising alliance for two main groups:

is a group of advertisers, that is, we usually say Adwords, advertisers can log on to set their own advertising and pay.

another group is the main site is, we usually say Adsense, site owners can visit to get ad code, put into their own website, on your web site traffic to get on income.

GOOGLE itself also has advertising and display area, is the search keywords display area, so GOOGLE has its own advertising platform, but also the member website.

in the first stage, we often say to do GOOGLE, that is, we go to apply for a ADSENSE account, our identity is a website owner, rely on our traffic to earn advertising fees.

in the second stage, we often say that the GOOGLE, is to say that we are ready to put on the ADWORDS ad, let other people’s Web site to show our advertising, and to bring our customers.


advertiser’s ad was eventually released to the web site