Analysis of e-commerce websites at home and abroad

Since Google released

and update algorithm, which means that the keyword ranking in the richly endowed by nature, today it seems more like yesterday’s history, through the SEO optimization to improve the keywords ranking makes the site in the search engine visibility known, it seems the past optimization should walk the road of the future SEO optimization is to ensure more user experience this, optimization thought abroad has reflected, comparison of domestic and foreign electronic commerce website is different, we can see that the domestic and foreign SEO gap.

1, the product is too static, no video

video introduction may improve users in online shopping information and improve the retail, so, if you are selling products, the need for more explanation may be through text, video presentations, is a good alternative.



is more than two sales results, which do you believe it? There is the possibility of implementing it is not difficult?.

2, avoid the common problems of

not see love

do not know if you have this habit, when purchased from the Internet with a willingness to find some poor attention from the evaluation of commodities, the author at least when buying things that, for those good evaluation, users believe that very low probability. So, from the analysis of SEO user experience point of view, if we first consider this problem, the related problems about yo general products are to carry out, and then one by one to answer, that is better than the user will see this from other users of the poor, it can save time and effort to find answers to customers who may have a competitor’s site



but from the domestic electricity supplier website, it is difficult to see such a specific column for user reference.

3, the lack of integration between the media



although the domestic social networking site no foreign hot, but from the development trend of social media, which is an important development direction in the future, but it is undeniable that the staff here is very much, so when a user sees the product, if he is in the click share, no matter love or not love psychology, but it always put your products effectively for a promotion, this will bring you a more effective and more loyal customers.

4, Ali Wangwang replaced the telephone