Double 11 big data secret who is the most trusted SF

[Reuters] are still discussing the state power double 11 logistics which strong? Billion state power network from 2013 11 data interpretation of SF logistics trend this year. Logistics service quality is still decided this year, 11 of the volume of consumer complaints, and has a service guarantee, customized, insurance based logistics products, businesses become the focus of attention.

According to the data provided by the

SF, during last year’s double 11, TOP businesses have access to the SF are men’s and women’s wear, underwear, shoes, small appliances, home appliances, watches, jewelry and other 11 main categories.


service is the highest penetration of SF category jewelry business accounted for 58%, followed by the women’s shoes, small household appliances.

in addition, billion state power network learned that last year’s double 11 day total net turnover of the top ten brands in cooperation with the SF eight, including millet, Haier and other digital home appliance brand, camel, JACK&JONES, UNIQLO, Yan man, aka other brand shoes and apparel, and Anna, Lin wood etc. Home Furnishing home textile category.

these top ten brands last year, a total turnover of double single day turnover of 11 yuan. Among them, the top 541 million mobile phone millet, the goods by SF delivery. Men’s clothing sales for the first choice as a major supplier of JACK&JONES sf. UNIQLO double 11 distribution volume in the 85% completed by the sf.



A double 11

last year more than 300 thousand tickets to Ningbo peacebird clothing said, although in the storage of SF experience is still shallow, but three days of delivery of 100 thousand tickets or make it quite unexpected.

SKYWORTH TV electricity supplier is pointed out that in the sub sub assistance, 11 days during the three day shipments of 20 thousand units.

State Post Bureau data show that in 2013 11 during the double main business all day long produced a total of orders express logistics is about 180 million, of which 80% from Taobao, Tmall, the courier companies all day long handled about 60000000 pieces express.

from Ali logistics data center data show that the double 11 day major express single surge, the Shentong express the amount of 12 million 100 thousand; 11 million 100 thousand rhyme 10 million 270 thousand; tact; in 10 million 200 thousand; EMS407 million; 3 million 160 thousand SF Huitong; 2 million 700 thousand; 1 million 950 thousand day; postal packet 1 million 60 thousand.

this year the industry generally speculated that Tmall’s 11 single day turnover is expected to exceed 50 billion, compared with the same period last year, a single day turnover of 35 billion, an increase of more than 40%. This means that the same day orders will rise.

from the double 11 logistics product design this year, SF, can also see the change of the logistics market this year. Discount, etc. logistics product design is different from the logistics sector in previous years, SF do more targeted plan. Double 1> this year