Star password open shop, in 2016 the courage to challenge and change

2016, is the star password eleventh years, said not long, say short not short of the past eleven years, the star password has experienced numerous challenges and changes. Do not challenge, we can not grasp the new opportunities; do not change, it can not adapt to new trends in the industry. Star password ( open shop, in 2016 the courage to challenge and change.


Change the password:

star website


users in order to improve the user experience, from the end of 2015, the star password began to proceed optimization and revision of the site, from the overall layout of the page to color, and then to the function optimization, every step of the user experience and browsing habits in the first place.

1, the overall layout of the star password website

from the overall layout, increase the top search bar function, the user can input the keywords here, a key to want to understand the information; from top to bottom for the star, star University, express password password source, template and successful cases.

2, star password website color

site color or the continuation of the star – orange color consistent password. This is the exclusive star code color, representing the youth, vigor and determination to fight bravely.

challenge: focus on building star password University

users concerned about the star password should find a change in the site, which is the popular column – Star password university. The university is the two star password column star’s password, 2016 is the key column contains a comprehensive system of shop process, the daily operation of the shop operation, shop drainage tutorials, shop decoration, mobile phone Taobao and Taobao rules related to a series of business training course.

with the star of the University of the password, the seller can easily achieve zero based open shop entrepreneurial dream from the building site, the star of the University on the user’s point of view to analyze the password. Registered shop for the launch of the shop process, for daily operations launched a daily operation courses. An analysis, a step by step improvement, in February 29, 2016, the university has formally launched the star password.

challenge: electricity providers will soon be on the toolbox

star password to create electricity supplier toolbox is an easy-to-use and powerful Taobao shop tools, set a number of essential functions in one shop, open shop is more simple. It can help the seller to get the shop details page, improve marketing efficiency, improve store sales, etc.

2016, many people say that this year is a difficult year, whether it is easy to get into trouble or entrepreneurship. But in the risk of survival, access to greater opportunities. 2016 open shop, we are ready, and you?


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