How do you get a lot of money

traffic, traffic, we are concerned about traffic in minutes. As a network seller, there will be traffic turnover possible. Today Taobao Taobao in the past, only sellers have millions of goods, more than 400 million pieces, plus Taobao in July 2010 changed the search rules, not in the remaining time on display shelves, small sellers, to their baby in the commodity by the buyers to see, like look for a needle in the ocean. But please don’t be discouraged, unhappy life on the road of entrepreneurship is so nine out of ten, fortunately, the solution is always more difficult than, we can through other channels for force majeure loss of flow:

a, Taobao through train

Taobao through train is the most effective and direct marketing tool, because of its accuracy, the system only shows buyers search corresponding commodity, conversion rate is higher.


1.1 Taobao through the click of the car, it is recommended that the seller by the store’s ability to set the amount of daily consumption of consumers, the lowest 30 yuan.

1.2 small sellers should not be set too high the amount of keywords, should be more keywords, covering the buyer’s search habits, the number of keywords to win.

1.3 postage level are the main factors about whether the buyers to buy, some of the more remote areas, because of high prices, not recommended for promotion of postage. For example: Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang.

1.4 in accordance with the current stage of buyers do not consult not to buy consumer habits, not online is best not to promote. Of course, if you are the boss of Taobao or an industry leader in the world, users have come to see the product description, this matter.

1.5 now Taobao homogeneity is very serious, similar products can not only your family on the train, so that small sellers due to lower price promotion baby, let buyers feel your stuff is the cheapest, to attract buyers to the store, so as to achieve low profit products to high profit products, the final to achieve maximum benefits.

two, Taobao guest promotion

Taobao guest promotion ( is the use of thousands of website owners to help us to promote the store or a single commodity, after the success of the transaction, and then set the proportion of the Commission in advance of our commission.


2.1 commission ratio should be reasonable, for example, a value of 100 yuan clothes, you set the commission ratio of only 2%, probably because of the low proportion of the Commission, to promote the enthusiasm will affect the webmaster.

2.2 because the promotion range is Taobao station, see your baby information users do not have a Taobao account, so we should provide communication and other payment tools for them, such as: QQ, MSN, bank account.

three, Taobao Gang promotion